Digestive Reset Program.....Heal Your Gut And Heal Your Health

Digestive Reset Program.....Heal Your Gut And Heal Your Health

Karen DameAugust 25, 2015


The Digestive Reset Program.......

Always Improves Health Conditions 

And Often Resolves Them


Healthy gut function is the foundation for good health, so it's no surprise to learn that over 75% of your immune system is found in your gut.  The intestinal tract alone has roughly 1,000 known species of micro-organisms, both good and bad.  There are many signs that indicate to us the gut is out of balance. When we experience health issues like, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, weight gain, weight loss, headaches, insomnia, acid reflux, nausea, auto immune diseases and more, it's time to reset the gut and strengthen our immunity.  What contributes to an unhealthy gut and microflora?  Use of antibiotics, birth control, NSAIDs, radiation therapy, a diet high in refined carbohydrates, gluten, sugar and processed foods, GMO's like soy, corn and wheat, a diet low in fermentable fibers, food allergies/sensitivities, rancid oils, stress and obesity.  All of these things will throw the body out of balance and create gut dysbiosis.Having an imbalance in gut flora means that the delicate ratio of good bacteria responsible for keeping you healthy and that has the ability to keep your bad bacteria in check ,is now disrupted.  As this process happens, you become sick more frequently.  This can lead to other health problems like food sensitivities, allergies and even more concerning, diseases and other health problems like cancer.  It is said that all illness and disease is rooted in gut dysfunction and there are many studies that indicate an altered microflora is connected to many, many health conditions like, autism, yeast infections, depression, eczema, thyroid disorders including Hashimoto's, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune conditions and others.Balancing the microflora and gut function to achieve wellness will not only help, but often eliminates health conditions.  The process begins with proper nutritiion and the right combination of nutrients to repair and heal the gut.  If you consider that 'All Disease Begins In The Gut," it's sensible to make this the starting place for your healing journey.  The Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program has all you need to achieve proper gut function and immune support for creating the foundation to better health.  Join me, as I strengthen my body, reset my gut function and improve my immune system so WE don't get sick this season.