Nutrient Deficiencies Make You Sick

Nutrient Deficiencies Make You Sick

Karen DameAugust 25, 2015


Nutrient Deficiencies Can Make You Sick

Changes in our skin, hair, nails, eyes, moods and overall health can be and very often are connected to deficiencies in vital nutrients that we are not getting in our diet. Farming methods have changed over the years and the use of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals has changed what was once nutrient dense soil into nutrient depleted soil. This is only one part of the problem. We have become a society of people who eat a diet full of processed and packaged foods and at times, skip meals. Foods high in sugar and trans-fats have become a staple, giving way to the foods that actually promote optimal health.


Nutrient deficiencies cause a myriad of health problems. If you have ever noticed bumps on the backs of your arms, this is known as Keratosis Pilaris, caused by a fatty acid imbalance and can be resolved by anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s. Take a look at your nails. Do you notice the presence of white spots or lines? This has been traced to a nutrient deficiency in zinc and/or protein. Are your nails weak or brittle? Eating vitamin B rich foods, especially those rich in B7 or Biotin can correct this. Acne and hair loss are conditions that are linked to a zinc deficiency.


Do you have symptoms of thyroid disorder? Loss of hair, dry skin, weight gain with an inability to loose weight, foggy brain, cold intolerance and many other symptoms, are all associated with thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid needs iodine to function properly and iodine deficiency is a huge problem. Dr. Jacob Titlebaum, MD is an expert who says that thyroid disorder has become an epidemic in this country. He says that individuals are walking around with many symptoms of thyroid, yet they are not being properly diagnosed or treated. Many women suffer with the pain of fibrocystic disease. This condition is rectified when the body is iodine sufficient. Iodine is a vital mineral that is not exclusive to thyroid; however. It is also utilized by many other organs and systems in the body.


Vitamin D, another vital nutrient is actually a hormone best synthesized through the skin by direct sunlight. Vitamin D is important for immune system, strong bones and brain health. In a Vitamin D depleted state, your immune system is not working at its best, which sets you up for becoming ill more frequently. It is also associated with mental health. A lack of D can cause depression and panic attacks. If you live in a warm climate, you probably think you are getting enough sun exposure, but that does not preclude you from becoming Vitamin D deficient. Many individuals living in warm, sunny climates are actually Vitamin D deficient themselves. The over use of sunscreen has contributed to the wide spread Vitamin D deficiency. But, people with a high level of melanin in their skin have a more difficult time synthesizing D also.

There are 22 Amino Acids, 9 of which are necessary and cannot be manufactured in the body. They must come from food sources such as, meat, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts and some beans. Amino Acids are needed to manufacture neurotransmitters for brain function to stave off depression and other mental disorders, which are often caused by an imbalance in neurotransmitters.


Acne, muscle cramps, dandruff, eye floaters and many more conditions are all related to nutrient deficiencies. When properly diagnosed and treated with a nutrient rich diet, and supplementation, these conditions will often resolve. In the same way that nutrient deficiencies can throw our body out of balance, too much of a good thing can also create imbalance. It is always wise to supplement only that which you know is lacking. By determining your vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels, you will have a solid baseline to know exactly what is missing. Using MicroNutrient Testing is quick and easy way to know what may be lacking.