Supplements:  What You NEED To Know BEFORE You Buy

Supplements: What You NEED To Know BEFORE You Buy

Karen DameAugust 25, 2015


Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements


The supplement industry is a non-regulated industry. This means you must be an educated consumer before you buy your dietary supplement, or you risk purchasing a product that is not quite what you thought and possibly not what the ingredient label states. Buyer beware, as the saying goes. Dietary supplements are widely available and it is a business that has exploded over the years. But, there is a misconception that all supplements are created equal. This could not be further from the truth and consequently has led to seeking the best value, instead of the best quality. You, as consumer, should know that the grade, form, purity, bioavailability and third party verification all contribute to just how effective the product is.


There are several different categories: pharmaceutical grade, medical grade, cosmetic or nutritional grade, and feed or agricultural grade. Of these, pharmaceutical grade is the highest quality you can buy. What this means is that the purity, dissolution and absorption meet the highest regulatory standard verified by an outside party. Medical grade are also high-grade, although they may not meet all of the standards of pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical and medical grade supplements are of the highest quality and do not require a physician’s prescription, though they must be sold by a licensed or certified health care professional.


The grade system is important because the ability of your supplement to work properly varies quite a bit based on the form that is used. For example, magnesium aspartate is better absorbed than magnesium oxide. Lower grade supplements will often contain oxide because it is less expensive, but it is also less bio-available. A high grade supplement will be put through a screening process to look for impurities such as lead, mercury, pesticides, insecticides and other toxic ingredients. If you want to insure that you are buying the best, purest and most bio-available supplement, you need to buy pharmaceutical grade forms. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade supplements know that higher quality supplements have a profound effect on health and that is why they want a trained professional monitoring the use of their products. You will spend a little more for a higher quality supplement when you purchase pharmaceutical grade, but you are getting what you want and what your body needs in the best form possible.


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