BioPure Cistus Incanus Liquid (Destroys Biofilms)

Cistus Incanus Liquid: BioPure Cistus Incanus Liquid

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BioPure Cistus Incanus Liquid

 Cistus Incanus offers a rich source of polyphenols, proanthocyandidins, bioflavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, rutin and other beneficial bioactive compounds. Promising early research indicates that the herb may exert a protective anti-ulcer property and support the body’s own healing effects on the gastric mucosal lining to disrupt gastrointestinal biofilm embedding potential pathogens without significant adverse effects on healthful biofilm.

Cistus has demonstrated strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties, supporting the traditional use of Cistus for ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, and fevers, without any toxicity or gastric irritation, and skin problems (including acne and abrasions)*. It may also support oral and throat hygiene and cardiovascular health.
 BioPure's herbal tinctures are each chosen for its specific health-supporting properties and strictly selected from the finest harvests. BioPure selects products grown in an environment free of fertilizers and insecticides. Our formulas are based on herbs with a proven historical track record in traditional healing therapies that have been used for centuries.
"Cistus is more potent than any other agent known for biofilms. Crosses the blood-brain barrier and is 100% absorbed in the gut. It is antiviral. Can rebrew the tea 4 times. Whitens the teeth (also a biofilm which causes yellow teeth), body fluid smells and odors reduce." -- Dr. Klinghardt

On top of this, it actually keeps ticks away from you! They don't like it, they won't attach to you, they will run away.

I just wanted to tell the whole community, because I've been taking it for less than a week and my psycho-neurological problems have almost completely gone away, along with continuing my gluten-free, all organic and whole alkaline fruits and veggies, no grains, no beans -- they are too acidic. Mostly fish as my main source of protein and my only fluids are water and teas, or mixtures like chlorella and whole fruits and veggies. My body is alkaline -- in an alkaline state, your body will not hold on to disease.


Health Functions
  • Immune Support*
  • Supports Antioxidant Processes*
  • Skin Health Support*
  • Gastrointestinal Support*
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Processes*
  • Urinary Tract Support*
  • Support For Body’s Microbial Defense*
  • Throat And Mouth Hygiene*
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health*
  • Biofilm Control*
 Suggested Use
Intended for internal or external use. May be added to nette pots and other nasal rise solutions. May be used as a mouth wash or sublingual absorbtion (under the tongue), as a throat spray, added to other skin products (soaps, facial serums, etc.), or added to water, juice, tea or other liquids for ingestion
Servings Per Container: 120
Cistus incanus (aerial parts), 45% organic ethanol, purified water.