DPA (Elevates Mood)

$ 55.95


Nutritionally supports emotional well-being, while promoting muscle and joint comfort and maintaining healthy tyrosine and endorphin levels.

DPA (d-phenylalanine) is an amino acid that destroys the enzyme that breaks down endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that you experience with an endorphin rush when you go for a run or when someone gives you a big hug, when you show kindness to someone or an individual does something nice for you.

Taking the amino acid, DPA, as a supplement helps to raise your endorphins and helps when you feel weepy and overly emotional AND reduces the need to self-medicate with treats as a reward or for comfort.

This amino acid is a favorite with so many of my clients because it makes them feel so good.

For quick results, open the capsule into your mouth.