Desbio Homeopathic Progesterone

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Progesterone Homeopathic

Progesterone is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to dairy and milk products, mood swings, painful menses, nervousness, hot flashes, headache, and back and leg pain.

Progesterone down regulates estrogen activity.  It is produced by the ovaries and is known to reduce anxiety, delivers a calming effect to the body and makes women happy.  Postpartum depression is caused by a rapid decline in progesterone levels.  Progesterone increases sleepiness, helps to build and maintain bones, slows the digestive process, promotes appetite and fat storage (important in pregnancy) and helps breast tissue mature, while preparing breasts to produce milk.

Symptoms of Low Progesterone Include, heavy periods, PMS, tender breasts, hair loss, water retention, low sex drive, dry skin, acne, light or restless sleep, insomnia, fibroids
or cysts.

Balance Progesterone Using:  

Hormone Combination and Progesterone


"I switched from using bio-identical progesterone at night to using Progesterone Drops.   I was curious if the homeopathic drops would help me sleep as well as the bio-identical did.   Not only is it helping me sleep, it's actually better than the compounded progesterone was because my sleep is deeper and I never wake during the night anymore. I love these drops and they are much less expensive than the bio-identical hormones were. 
Definitely a game changer for me."  Patty B.


Progesterone (6X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C)