(LEMON) The Beet Lady-Beet SuperFood Powder with Real and Raw Fruit Power, Organic

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"Lemon"  Beet SuperFood

Beets flush the liver, gallbladder and kidney's and move bile and sludge. They mobilize the liver like no other food and move gallstones, hardened bile, accumulations of cholesterol, calcified liver gravel and other waste products out of the body through the bile ducts and into the gastro-intestinal tract. In this way, these unwanted detoxification by-products can be expelled from the body. Beets rejuvenate the liver are anti-inflammatory, lower blood pressure and are heart healthy.

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C. They contain citrate which is a naturally occurring inhibitor of toxins, flushing them from the body by enhancing the body's enzyme function to stimulate the liver. Lemons improve digestion by enhancing hydrochloric acid in your stomach that breaks down food, aids in the assimilation of food, helps prevent fatty liver, improves insulin sensitivity and improves gut bacteria.  Lemons are alkalizing which is an effective way to manage your pH levels and are great for skin health.  

Lemons Health Benefits

Swelled joints
Lemon decreases the buildup and the uric in the joint and in this way it is stopping arthritis and inflammation.
Treatment of the Acne
Lemon is great at preventing the appearance of the acne because it is reducing the acids. 
Cure for flu and the common cold
Lemons are full of vitamin C a great antioxidant. This gives it antibacterial characteristics and that will help you prevent cold and flu.
Losing weight
The vitamins that are in the lemon help in the regulation of the sugar in the blood. It also has pectin and this is a fiber that controls the hunger. Lemons are a great digestive aid, helping to produce bile needed for the digestive process.
Kidney Stones
The potassium, which is a component of the lemon, prevents kidney stones. 
Boosting the immunity
Lemon increases the function of the lymph and helps in the detection and the elimination of pathogens.
Finger Nails
Lemons make nails stronger and it helps in the elimination of white spots.
Painful muscles
If you have been working out and you have sore muscles, lemons ease the pain.
Lemons help with exhaustion from fibromyalgia.
Lemons contain anti-inflammation characteristics thus neutralizing acidity. 

Ingredients:  Organic Beetroot Powder, Lemon Fruit Powder, Malic Acid, Green Stevia Leaf
Diane F.: "Karen, I received my order of Beet SuperFood powder. I have to tell you something! I suffer with high blood pressure, it runs around 150/80 average even on meds, I had a bad day yesterday, a recent change in meds and my BP was still running high, 190/ 94. It did go down before bed.This morning it was 147/77 . I took my new Beet SuperFood powder before brunch. At 3:47 pm my blood pressure was 128/80! It hasn't been that good in 3 years!"
Sean From Boston:  "I used the Beet Superfood the last two days with the Collagen protein, instead of the adrenal shake - energy is through the roof! SuperFood beet powder in 12 oz of filtered water, then added 10 measured grams of the Beet SuperFood. Then I added the Collagen Protein, 2x scoops. Nothing more than that. I went to bed last night after an event for my oldest son at 11PM and got up at 3:45AM for the gym and by now am usually needing one of those high caffeinated organic energy waters. I don't feel I need that today. I put it all in a shaker cup with one of those spring balls and shake - really that simple. Even after my lunch, I am not dragging. Not only that, but the mental focus is through the roof - getting things checked off which makes me feel good. I have ADHD and have a hard time completing tasks. Remember, I only have less than 5 hours of sleep for this testimonial." 
Angelica S. From California:  "I have the one with the apple flavor. Love it!"
Rhonda E.: "You'll love how it makes you feel, and with warm water, it dissolves easily and tastes good too."
Ed From Florida:  "I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I also have hypothyroid which makes me feel tired.  I read about Beets for lowering blood pressure and decided to try Beet SuperFood.  Not only did it normalized my blood pressure,  it gives me energy.  I drink 1-glass every morning and I feel really good, energetic."