The Beet Lady ELDERBERRY ELIXIR Beet SuperFood powder blended with real fruit. Organic, plant-based, non-GMO. 6 oz

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"ElderBerry Elixir"

Good Food Medicine...Using Nutrition To Promote Health And To Decrease The Risk of Disease & Illness.
Beet SuperFood Blends and Good Food Medicine Blends are a great way to increase nutrient intake and fill dietary voids. Since they are already macerated they are not taxing on the digestive system. Because they are in powder form and you mix them in liquids or smoothies, it makes the nutrients highly bioavailable, which means that nutrients reach your bloodstream quickly and are absorbed faster than eating fruits and vegetables in whole food form.

*Elderberry Should Be Used For Colds and Flu And Not Longer Than 2 Weeks*


Beets are one of the most common and effective natural liver  They have been used to fight liver toxins and to increase the overall level of health of individuals for many years, and they can be easily integrated into ones diet to keep the liver working at an optimal level.
Elderberries: The health-giving properties of black elderberries as far back as the 5th and it was favored by Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine. The berries were extolled as an all around panacea. Elderberry helps strengthen and maintain the immune and respiratory systems.  Elderberry is known to prevent colds and flu and to lessen the duration and symptoms of both colds and the flu.  Taken every day through and flu season, it offers prevention and taken at the onset of the first sign of a cold or flu, elderberry helps to greatly reduce the course of the infection down to one or two days. Elderberry focuses on the nutritional needs of the immune system offering the body additional amounts of Vitamin C, fruit acids and traces of essential oils and pigments. The flavonoids, including quercetin, are believed to account for the therapeutic effects of the elderberry flowers and berries.

Ingredients:   Powder, Elderberry Powder, Wild Blueberries, Malic Acid.

A delicious source of dietary nitrates that promotes heart-healthy energy
1 Serving of Beet SuperFood = 3 Whole Beets = 1-Half Liter Bottle of Beet Juice