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Serum Iron, TIBC, Ferritin


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*This Test is NOT available for residents of, MA, MD, ND, SD, NJ, NY and RI.

No Fasting/Blood Draw

Tests Included in The Iron Panel:

Serum iron level: - Iron is an essential nutrient. It is needed in small quantities to help form normal red blood cells (RBCs) and is a critical part of hemoglobin which is the protein in red blood cells that binds oxygen in the lungs and releases it as blood travels to other parts of the body.

Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC): Measures all of the proteins in the blood that are available to bind with iron, including transferrin. Since transferrin is the primary iron-binding protein, the TIBC test is a good indirect measurement of transferrin. The body produces transferrin in relationship to the need for iron. When iron stores are low, transferrin levels increase and vice versa. In healthy people, about one-third of the binding sites on transferrin are used to transport iron.

Ferritin: Composed of iron and protein, Ferritin is a storehouse for iron in the body. Measurement provides an accurate picture of how much iron you have available in reserve. It is used to evaluate anemia and for diagnosing iron deficiency. Low Ferritin is a sign of iron deficiency. Ferritin is high with inflammation, infection, liver disease, iron overload, certain anemias and certain cancers (leukemia and lymphoma).

*This Test is NOT available for residents of, MA, MD, ND, SD, NJ, NY and RI.


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