DesBio Adrenals, Thyroid & Sex Hormones

Size: DesBio Thyroid Plus

$ 38.95

Option 1: Thyroid Plus Drops

A homeopathic combination formula for symptoms of adrenal stress and thyroid imbalance.  The formula contains adaptogenic herbs to address adrenal imbalances such as exhaustion, weakness, fatigue, sleeplessness, salt and sugar cravings, night sweats, nightmares and muscle pain.
One of the ingredients,  Thyroidinum, was used in a clinical study in the treatment of hypothyroidism.  The results of the study reported that Thyroidinum used both with and without Levothyroxin (T4), hastened the curitive process in primary Hypothyroidism.  No adverse effects were found.  It was also concluded from the percentage of symptomatic relief (50% to 90%) that Thyroidinum is much useful in treating the symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

    Option 2.  Adrenal Support Drops

    Relieves anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, burn out and other symptoms associated with Adrenal Fatigue.

    Option 3:  High Vitality Hormone Support Drops

    For Relief and Rebalancing of Hormones During The Phases of Menopause.  It can be more effective than Bio-Identical Hormones and Much Less Expensive too!  Relieves symptoms related to aging including fatigue, minor joint pain and muscle soreness. Contains homeopathic human growth hormone for weight loss.