$ 59.99

1. Histamine Block Plus

Key Benefits and Actions*
Promotes a healthy response to high-histamine foods Enhanced with cofactor nutrients for total histamine processing Great for supporting histamine intolerance protocols.Histamine Block Plus is a comprehensive formula containing seven essential nutrient cofactors plus powerful antioxidants to support total histamine metabolism in each and every cell.*
Toxic byproducts are created when histamine is metabolized, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and acetaldehyde that can cause side effects and cell damage. Histamine Block also contains nutrient cofactors to support the normal breakdown of these toxic byproducts.

2. Histamine Scavenger

Histamine Scavenger is a unique formulation used to help the body clear itself of excess histamine. Histamine is a compound which is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions, causing contraction of smooth muscle and dilation of capillaries. Histamine can be generated from acute or chronic inflammation and has many unpleasant downstream effects on the body. Gut dysbiosis can also generate histamine that further impairs digestion. This product is designed to help scavenge excess histamine in the body.