High (HGH) Vitality (Anti-Aging and so much more!)

$ 32.95



High (HGH) Vitality 

Recommended For People 'Over 50' and Individuals with Thyroiditis

High Vitality contains homeopathic human growth hormone which is a 'healthy aging formula' that boosts metabolism, improves muscle weakness, speeds healing of tissues, improves healthy libido, helps with the regeneration of brain tissue and memory.  It contains homeopathic HGH hormone  which improves skin sagging, builds muscle mass and promotes cell health.   Growth hormone deficiency in the adult can cause multiple symptoms including fatigue, depression, and weight problems.

HGH is fine for autoimmune sufferers because it will down regulate an over active immune system.  This is a regulating formula meaning it will regulate up and down, according to the body to create a better hormonal balance. It can be used with or without bio-identical hormones.  Will help optimize them.  Preserves lean body mass.

Your hormones control every aspect of weight loss including your metabolism, where you store your fat, your appetite and even your cravings! This means any form of hormonal imbalance will sabotage your efforts, regardless of your diet and exercise habits.

*Should not be used if you have cancer.

Very Effective For PCOS!

Homeopathic formulas like this are much less expensive than bio-identical hormones, they have fewer risks for them and you cannot overdo it as the body will decide what it actually needs.  

The neat thing about homeopathy, and there are a lot of things in this formula,  is that whatever the body is missing, it will grab and whatever it doesn't need, it leaves alone.  Homeopathy is always looking to balance the body.



"I used the HGH Vitality last night and my chronic 9/10 lower back pain....gone. I could cry."  Karen T.

"I began using HGH and all my hair is coming back in faster than I could have imagined. Even my eye brows have started coming back in! This was not a quick fix, it took time, but, I also noticed many other changes though my hair is the most obvious. I was balding on the top of my head apparently, and my husband never said anything until recently. He said you use to have a bald spot. It’s gone. I never knew there was an actual bald spot. I just knew it was so thin you could see my scalp.  Not anymore!"  Jenn T.

"I had been on bio-identical hormones for many years and every time I tried to reduce the dosing of it I would get all of the symptoms of menopause with the irritability and insomnia back. But by taking the HGH Hormone Balancing, I was able to wean off of the bio-identical hormones and feel better than I had even prior to menopause."

K. Josephson, MD.


This formula is Not Human Growth Hormone.  It is a dilution of growth hormone with about 20 other ingredients to compliment the formula.  It acts as something that causes the body to regulate the uptake and production of HGH, meaning, it allows the body to utilize the HGH it already produces as effectively as possible.  It is the 'energy' of HGH.  HGH Hormone Balancing Formula helps the pituitary make as much HGH as it can and to use it as appropriately as possible.