Meridian Openers

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Meridian Openers

Meridians are pathways or channels of electrical conduction where propagation happens.  Propagation is the electrical signaling (sensation) that moves along the nervous system's meridian channels and if meridians are blocked, signaling can become slow and stagnant causing congestion and blockages.  These energy pathways are located just beneath the skin and correspond to deeper nerves and vessels.

Homeopathic Meridian Openers help with the function of the pathway and the stimulation of nerves and electrical stimulus activating the nerves, which, in turn, induces changes consistent with its motor, sensory or autonomic nature. Some peripheral nerves link to brainstem centers that participate in the restoration and control of homeostasis. 

A Word About Minerals:  The channels of electrical conduction will shut down electrical currants when there is a mineral deficiency. There has to be enough electrical currant being conducted throughout the body and if we don't have enough minerals onboard, that is the first thing that shuts us down with conducting electrical currants.   Improving your mineral status is important to the improvement of Meridian health and electrical conduction. *Mineral deficiencies are often the cause of irregular heartbeats as well.


Homeopathic Meridian Opener Formulas:

*May take 1-3 months to realize symptom resolution. 

*Best used together with Drainage Remedies and Multi-Mineral Formula.

Lung/Large Intestine: Improves sluggish colon, respiratory issues, GI disorders, IBS, Crone's, Colitis, Constipation and peristalsis. Helps to improve lung and intestinal function, reduces inflammation in these areas and helps with dehydration in the intestines.

*Best Used With Trace-Mineral Drops and Liver and/or Drainage

Stomach/Spleen (Pancreas):  Improves peristalsis, gets the GI tract moving again.  Helps liver digestion congestion.  Reduces inflammation in these areas.  Excellent for an enlarged spleen caused by pathogenic infectious disease, especially from micro organisms.  Helps to improve HCL secretions, yeast, fungus, and also lymph stagnation.  Transports nutrition to each and every organ and cellular structure that needs nutrition for electrical vitality.  Gets waste out of the body.  Breaks down nutrients from food.
*Best Used With Trace-Mineral Drops and Systemic, Lymph and/or GI Drainage
Heart/Small Intestines:  Improves palpitations, burning pain in the chest, arrhythmias, SIBO, hypertension, oral issues, mouth and tongue ulcers from intestinal bacteria and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Improves peristalsis.  Gets the lymph moving by draining congestion. 
*Best Used With Trace-Mineral Drops and Systemic and/or Lymph Drainage
Bladder/Kidney (Adrenals):  These are collection and drainage organs. This formula improves collection and drainage organs, UTI's, adrenal function, edema, sweating, urethral and kidney infections, slow urinating, urinary pain, burning and/or blood in the urine.
*Best Used With Trace-Mineral Drops and Kidney Drainage
Gallbladder/Liver:  Improves the regulating of minerals, improves bile flow, GI disorders, improved pH, lipid metabolism, cholesterol problems, gallbladder support when the gallbladder is not able to emulsify fats, improved peristalsis, congestion, digestion. Improves inflammation  of the liver and spleen as well and is a wonderful digestion aid.  This formula is especially effective for those who have detoxification issues whether it's MTHFR or due to chronic illness.
*Best Used With Trace-Mineral Drops and Liver, Lympy and/or GI Drainage