Miasm Formula (Genetic Predispositions)

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Multiple Miasm Formula

This susceptibility to  certain types of diseases can also be inherited from family members.  Miasmatic types do not have the constitutional fortitude to end health problems thoroughly and completely as do other remedy types.
The term “Miasm” describes an inherited predisposition(s) towards physical, emotional and/or mental illnesses or weaknesses.   In other words,  it is the  "diathesis" or "constitutional susceptibility or predisposition to a particular disease. In the world of homeopathy,  these predispositions to disease can all be corrected and cleared.   Miasmatic remedies are used to strengthen the body against genetic weaknesses that give an individual predispositions towards specific maladies or disease processes. 

Multiple Miasm is for symptoms or conditions related to miasmic conditions including skin rashes, itching, dry coughs, warts.

Miasms can be either acquired or inherited. For example, one can acquire a miasm by contacting gonorrhea at age 18. When treated with antibiotics, this form of suppressive therapy may cause gonorrhea to become dormant, only to manifest later. Or, it may later present in a different form, such as allergies, sinus, herpes, vaginitis, warts, tumors, suspiciousness, jealousy, selfishness, or uncontrolled sexual desires. So, acquired miasms are attained during a lifetime.

By far, however, most miasms are inherited. The chances of inheriting miasms from a thousand years of ancestry are much greater than acquiring one in a single lifetime. Inherited miasms can be either active or dormant.   A dormant miasm is one hidden deep within the body, not expressing any of its possible symptoms.

Homeopathy has come to understand that miasms exist in various layers within the body. They realize that correcting disease and building health is like peeling away the layers of an onion. Regular homeopathic formulas work to strengthen and restore health to the body according to the symptomatic expressions the body is communicating. When these conditions tend to recur or are non-responsive, a deeper-acting remedy, such as a miasm formula, may be needed to correct the condition more completely. As we continue to peel away the disease layers that are impairing our normal, healthy expressions, we frequently discover various miasms along the way.

Miasm correction is essential to both the restoration of our health and the eradication of disease. Homeopathy has the potential for correction of genetic disease patterns in people and ultimately the liberation from those diseases in individuals and their biological children. This remarkable healing phenomenon has been documented in cases such as childhood obesity, allergies, breathing disorders, skin disorders, behavioral disorders, phobias, and anxiety or nervousness. What a wonderful reward to see not only children and adults healed of devastating genetic or lifelong health problems, but to also see their children born and grow up free from those inherited health problems and weaknesses.

"A few years ago I had a set of twin sisters that had severe psychological boundaries where they were slitting their wrists.  They went to multiple doctors and were given every psychological drug available and nothing was working.  Their mother brought them in and asked if I could help.  I put them on Miasm for a month and the girls today are two normal 19 year old women."  Dr. Zev M.
Miasm Formula is for relief of symptoms related to miasmic conditions.  It addresses the bad stuff in the DNA that is passed from upline and leaves the good stuff.  Could be a parent or grandparent, could be an aunt or uncle, that these genes come from.