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Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame ChhC, AADP

Omni-Detoxification (Kit 14-Day Protocol Includes Recommended Diet To Emphasize "Clean Eating")

Omni-Detoxification (Kit 14-Day Protocol Includes Recommended Diet To Emphasize "Clean Eating")

$ 189.95 

Omni-Detoxification Kit

14-Day Protocol Which Includes Recommended Diet To Emphasize Clean Eating.

Homeopathy uproots and clears infections so that they are not a problem for you any longer.

Why is it important to do a Detox like this?

Reason 1: Because your body will function best and respond to supplements and medications when the burden of tissue toxicity is minimized.
Reason 2: During a health issue when the you are in the deterioration phase, the body begins to store more toxins, both endogenous and exogenous within the tissue matrix leading to system wide inflammation.
Reason 3: When the body's natural detoxification systems become over-burdened, it impedes healing and actually worsens the disease or health issue.


"I hated to spend the money but now that I'm on day 13 and starting to feel better I'm glad I did it and can't wait to get my mold detox kit!"  Kathy S.  

"I'm doing good.  Feeling pretty great actually and getting more energy which makes me very happy!  I'm usually pretty lethargic."  Deb D.



The Omni-Detoxification Detox Kit is a revolutionary detoxification program that will improve your energy, vitality, and overall health by helping your body to remove dangerous toxins.

The Homeopathic Kit combines botanicals and advanced nutraceuticals to support the body in the facilitation of elimination. It also contains a Homeopathic approach to relieve symptoms during this process.

The Omni Powder and Capsules are meant to be a 2 week supply as a jump start to the homeopathic detox protocol kit,  but can be continued throughout the protocol.
Each kit includes: Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox Kit, OmniCleanse Powdered Drink, OmniCleanse Capsules & Diet.