Health & Wellness Kits

$ 149.95



Option 1:  Family Health & Wellness Kit


The Life's Healthiest Wellness Kit offers a combination of supplements, herbs, and homeopathics for a natural approach to family health and safety. Kit can be kept in the home medicine cabinet for natural, effective, and non-toxic solutions for common household ailments, colds, flu, pain and viruses.
The Kit Contains:
Immune Support Drops: Strengthens the Immune System
Upper Respiratory Support Drops: Congestion
Mucinease:  Relieves Excess Mucus
Throat Spray:  Sore Throat Relief
Nausea Drops:  Relieves Nausea
Real Vitamin C with Quercetin:  Supports the body's natural defenses to fight off colds, flu and viruses.  Speeds healing.

Virus Relief & Immune Support Tea
Respiratory & Sinus Relief Tea
Anti-Inflammatory Drops:  Pain and Inflammation Relief
Elderberry Beet SuperFood Powder
Cold & Flu Fix Powder

Option 2: Wellness Kit


Synergistic combinations of botanicals are a natural way to support the immune system. The Biocidin Wellness Kit contains Biocidin Throat Spray, Olivirex, and Biocidin    Capsules, which together provide you with broad-spectrum, immune support.
Complete Broad-Spectrum Support

Kit includes 1 Biocidin® Throat Spray 1FL OZ (30ml), 1 Olivirex® 30 caps,  and 1 Biocidin® 30 caps

Biocidin Throat Spray: broad-spectrum botanicals help maintain healthy respiration

Olivirex:  high-potency Olive leaf extract provides additional immune defense

Biocidin Capsules:  broad-spectrum systemic support for balanced microbial ecology