Biocidin Biofilm Busting Program

Biocidin Botanicals

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select: Biocidin Whole Body BioFilm Busting Kit (1-BioClear Kit, 1-Olivirex, 1-DentalCidin Toothpaste, 1-DentalCidin LS Drops

Whole Body Biofilm Busting Program

If you are Chronically Ill And Treatments Don't Seem To Be Working Or You Have Recurring Infections, BioFilms May Be The Reason.
Chronically Ill individuals and people who are treatment resistant, meaning infections don't clear, have Biofilm involvement which is what is creating the resistance. This includes those individuals who have recurring infections that can happen anywhere in the body, kidneys, cystitis, prostatitis, anywhere! This means there is always a Biofilm problem that even antibiotics cannot break.
If you are treating and not getting better or you have recurring infections, you need to treat the Biofilms.
Pans and Pandas people have severe Biofilm involvement.
BioFilm Busting Kit Includes:
BioClear Kit (Biocidin drops, 4R probiotic, GI Detox)
DentalCidin Toothpaste
DentalCidin LS
OR Purchase Items Separately
*If you are chronically constipated and cannot tolerate a binder, use Whole Food Binder which is Food Based Binding for relieving constipation and binding.
Step By Step Instructions Will Be Sent With This Kit