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 Flex Time One on One Private Consultations

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Board Certified Holistic & Wellness Consultant, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, DesBio Practitioner and Mold Illness Consult.

Book 60, 30 or 15 Minute Sessions

Flex-Time Sessions Are Conducted Through Email or FaceBook Private Messaging. 
The benefits of connecting this way means that our exchanges can be done at a time that works for you, without having to schedule a phone call.  It also allows me to read your questions and concerns and give them careful consideration so that I can respond to you in the best way possible to provide an educational experience with recommendations tailored to your needs. 
Responses often include links to products from the website for your consideration.  You are never under any obligation at all to purchase from my online store; however, I spend a great deal of time researching the best quality products with the purest ingredients to save clients and customers the time of having to do this themselves and so that my clients and customers have what they may need. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and please know that the information in our exchanges are for educational purposes only and any information that I share should not replace the recommendations of your own physician.

When you purchase a Flex Time Consultation I will email you to set up our first session. 



"Hi Karen, I'm happy to report I'm on day 4 of my cycle this month. No cold sores, no mouth ulcers, no fever, no chills or body aches. I did have some intense cramps on day 1 & 2 but I soaked in Epsom salt/lavender bath each evening. Not sure what helped but I did everything you recommended and took all my supplements. 
My husband even noticed my mood was pleasant. I never had to lay down. 

I didn't miss our Easter brunch and my grandson's egg hunt.  💜😊"
"I was skeptical of working through email, but in little time it became clear to me that this is really a fantastic way to work with someone and you end up getting more than you've even paid for!  Karen is so generous with her time and when we've gone over the time, she has never asked me for more money or to buy more time.  A doctor would never give a patient this kind of time without asking you to book another appointment.  Karen was on top of it every time I emailed her with well thought out answers to my questions and a kind heart in her responses.  She is a true professional and has helped me tremendously.  I love her Facebook groups where she gives so much to so many and for nothing.  I've learned so much from her and I am smarter and healthier because of her,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love these email sessions!  Katrina P.
"I have been a member of the Healing Solutions Health and Iodine and Thyroid Facebook groups for quite a while.  I recently asked Karen to help me through her Flex-Time sessions.  I needed someone to help me evaluate my supplements and to put them in an order that made sense throughout the day.  I booked a 90 minute session, but I got so much more!  Karen was so kind, so professional, so patient and over a few days of our back and forth email exchanges, we were able to get a schedule and quality supplements to help me feel better.  I bought 90 minutes, but Karen never looks at the clock.  In the end, I figured out that what she had given me was almost 3 hours of her time and I so appreciate that and her." 
Mary G.
"My monthly labs are back! My Antibodies keep falling, slight rise in my TSH (which I expected) and cholesterol also coming down. My iron was high so I donated blood and brought it down nearly 30 points back to normal range.  I have not been perfect but removed sugar, coffee, and grains completely.  The energy I’m experiencing on 50 mg of iodine has been nothing short of miraculous! I always get my 10k steps in but oftentimes it has been a struggle. I’m now running!  I’m down 15 pounds. I’ve been doing the salt protocol periodically but certainly not daily. The month of July will be my best! I’m planning to be 100% since I’ve worked out my scheduling bugs. After July I’ll retest.  Just keep going! My antibodies fall about a 100 points each month, which means this should take me another 7 months at this rate to completely heal.  I’m so grateful to not have had to deal with the medical system and feel empowered once again in managing my own health. Thank you, Karen Fitzpatrick Dame, for the generous guidance you offer! I printed out the lab values so I can do a spreadsheet and keep an eyes on how the numbers shift over time. So invaluable!!"  Cindy P., Calif.
"I just wanted to share my gratitude to you Karen for simplifying the complex and very intimidating iodine protocol. I was terrified to begin even after my doctor gave the ok. You maintain such a wonderful, encouraging and safe space for us within your thyroid group. In just under one week of iodine use (after priming with companion nutrients), I have noticed regrowth in my eyebrows, a tremendous amount of energy and stamina, and most importantly...my goiter (which no doctor ever acknowledged) is GONE!"  Leigh, M., Michigan
"I just realized since I started your product,  ABC Detox, I haven't woken up at 3 AM and sleeping soundly until 6 am. Yeah!!"  Thank you Karen.  Regina R. Florida
"Thank you, Karen Fitzpatrick Dame, for identifying my rash as cherry angioma. My doctor confirmed it today as well as the causes and treatment. She did suggest I double up on my regular salt dosing, magnesium and Vit C for a week, then maybe, depending on results, begin increasing iodine again. Again, thank you."  Rhonda E. Texas
"Karen,  thank you so much for sourcing the high dose liquid Lugol's so quickly! You have made titration so much easier. You are beyond a blessing to us all. 
Peri B., Missouri
"Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, who set up this Iodine and Thyroid Healing Solutions group, is an amazing health coach who can help you heal. I say this from personal experience as I embark on my own thyroid & gut healing. She gives so much time and free advice here, but every person is different with their health issues. I encourage those who need help to support Karen by visiting her website and taking advantage of her Flex-TIme Consults. Just want to support our "leader."   Donna A., Washington
"Just wanted to say thank you to Karen Fitzpatrick . I just finished my Flex time appointments! Everyone should do it , she gives you so much information and hope, She answers every question and explains everything !!!!! Made me feel more in control of my body...Thank you for all you do Karen."  Denise P., New York
"Karen Fitzpatrick Dame, I LOVE you. I made a fantastic Zucchini Lasagna with the last of your beet marinara sauce. It was fantastic!"  Rhonda, E.
"Karen, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do every day throughout the year in the Facebook thyroid group. You seem to be on top of every post and always there to give a patient, complete reply. In a group this size, it is rare to find an admin that is so consistently on top of posts each and every day. While you run a business through this post and we all appreciate the products you have put together for our health, it never feels like business first, people second. It feels like educating and addressing individual concerns are first, and oh yeah, I have some products to help you. I, for one, and I’m sure many will agree, that we appreciate your time and dedication. During this time of year, it just seems so appropriate to take a minute and say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God richly bless you and your family in 2018. We sincerely appreciate all you do."  Pattie A., Tennessee
"Everyone likes to hear good news, right?  Here are words straight from my doctor's mouth this afternoon: you, Rhonda, are lucky to have found someone like her ( Karen Fitzpatrick Dame ) and try to find a natural way of supplements and eating to heal your body. I'm (doc) glad to see you off that bad medicine and really impressed with how much you have healed your liver, kidney and digestive tract (as shown by lab work). Keep doing what you are doing and we'll maybe see you in a year if you still need us, or call anytime if you have concerns or questions.  So, kudos to this group and Karen especially. This is one specialist I can knock off my list and work harder to Addressing other issues." 
R. Sorensen
"This got rid of my gallstones and I have symptoms and sonograms to prove it. Shoulder blade pain, gallbladder, liver, and kidney pain from cysts in all and stones in the gallbladder. All pain was gone in 3 months and that’s when I ended with an Endoscopic sono of all of the above. Only ONE STONE IS LEFT. So thankful for this but not only that, I’m thankful for the free shared knowledge and information Karen shares. She doesn’t have to. I’m very appreciative. About to make a new order. Gotta make it a double. The hubs is now a fan and joined the beet bandwagon." Tammy S. Texas
"I'd just like to say a huge THANKS to Karen for the awesome Thyroid Group on Facebook. Karen posts lovely morning messages and informative posts everyday for free! She answers our questions and doesn't poo poo other groups. All of her protocols align with most others which is great as there is so much conflicting information out there on one's journey to health. I love being a part of this group and even though I can't get the specials as I am in Australia, I think Karen deserves my patronage for all that she contributes to us. So please support her (if you haven't already) as she supports us."  Danielle, M. Australia