Digestive Reset Program

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"When You Fix The Gut, It Fixes Everything."Dr. Mark Hyman

Your Gut Controls Your Health

If you Have An Auto-Immune Disease, You Have A Leaky Gut 

Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program



Lori Writes:  "I finished the Digestive Reset Program last month and have to say I am so glad I did it! It was tough for the first few days, but I quickly started feeling so good that it motivated me to keep going. Almost immediately I felt a difference in my digestion and just overall well-being. And I ended up losing 11 pounds, with no additional effort other than simply eating off the ‘allowed food list’. I had done a similar program several years ago and it was a very painful few weeks because it was so restrictive. This program was very flexible, almost ensuring the likelihood of success. Karen was such a huge help throughout the process and answered so many (countless!) questions for me. I am very grateful I found this site and for the first time in several years feel like I have some hope for recovery from hypothyroidism."

Pamela Writes:  "I had bloating every time I ate.  Karen suggested it was probably due to a yeast overgrowth triggered by food sensitivities.  I started the Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program and not only did I loose 8 pounds, my bloating is gone and I am eating healthier and feeling great!"

Steve Writes:  "I was always so tired, especially after eating starches.  I have had IBS for years and never made the the connection that it was food related until I talked with Karen who pointed that out.  She recommended the Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program and in the first week I began to feel better.  My energy started to return, the IBS began to clear and I feel healthier overall."

 Cindy Writes:  "I am hypothyroid and have had the worst time trying to loose weight.  Karen talked to me about diet and pointed out that there are certain foods that must be eliminated because they disrupt thyroid function and others that just have to be prepared differently.  She put me on the Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program and I lost 10 pounds so far!  I feel better, my skin is clearer, I have more energy and I can't wait to have my next thyroid lab work done to see the difference in my thyroid function."




Hippocrates said, "All Disease Begins In The Gut," and he was right.   When the gut is compromised, it creates a breeding ground for disease and illness to begin.  The Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program is designed to work with a select set of Pharmaceutical Grade digestive supplements to repair the G.I. system so optimal health can be achieved.  We know that 75% of the immune system is found in the gut, and most health problems begin because the gut is not functioning properly.  Experts say thatgut damage today sets the stage for disease in the future.  The connection between food and health is unmistakable.  Foods encourage the body to function optimally, but they can also activate allergic responses and other mechanisms in the body like, autoimmune responses, acidity, bloating, constipation, skin problems, allergies, cancers, depression, thyroid disease, heart problems, reflux, IBS, inflammation, excess mucus production and more.  ALL of these health problems are rooted in gut dysfunction or affected by it. Common foods like, gluten, dairy, alcohol and others, are known to cause gut dysfunction and that's why eliminating them for  three weeks, is a requirement for this program.  If you suffer from a health problem, the first order of business should always be to fix the gut.  By fixing the gut, health problems always improve and often resolve.  


Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program

During the program you will follow guidelines for each meal using any combination of foods from the approved foods list, with the recommended selection of gut healing supplements that include an antimicrobial, specific probiotic strains, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  Over one month you will experience four stages of gut repair:

1. Remove anything that impedes the gut from functioning optimally.

 2. Replace valuable nutrients such as, vitamins, minerals and others.

 3. Reinoculate the gut with good bacteria.

 4. Repair the intestinal wall from hyperpermeability with essential nutrients.



DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING:  ***The Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program addresses mild to moderate dysbiosis and hyperpermeability. It is NOT for individuals with severe gut dysfunction challenges. There are certain organisms like severe yeast overgrowth, viruses, parasites, types of bad bacteria like E.coli, salmonella or C.difficile that may be beyond this cleanse. You might have heavy metal toxicity or an autoimmune inflammatory condition like, Crohn’s or Colitis, which are considered to be more severe. An impacted or dialated colon, scarring, mechanical obstructions, diverticulitis with pockets of infection, all require medical attention and possibly pharmaceutical medication. If you have a severe gut issue, this Cleanse is NOT indicated for you.

***You should not participate if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, have cancer, liver disease, hepatitis, on medications for bipolar disorder, have Type 1 Diabetes, or are allergic to any ingredient in the supplements required. If you are on a prescription medication, do not stop taking it, until you have spoken to your doctor. There are cetain conditions that require consistent blood levels of medications. Any change in diet can cause a change in your blood absorption and an increase or decrease of the concentration of the medicine in your blood as a result. For blood thinners, anti arrhythmia drugs, anti-epileptic drugs and chemotherapy agents, this can be life threatening. Most supplements contain minerals, which may be an issue for individuals with kidney disease, or on drugs such as antihypertensives, where elevations in minerals may be an issue.***


The Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program Has Been Shown To Help And Eliminate Many Health Conditions

Lose Weight

Auto-Immune Disease

                         Relieve Anxiety                          

                     Increase Energy                          

                              Strengthen Immune System                             

        Fix and Improve Digestion          

                      Clearer Skin                                

   Improve Thyroid Function      

                  Balance Gut Flora                        

Eradicate Intestinal Pathogens

Improve Insulin Resistance    

             Relieve Depression                    

          Reduce Inflammation                

     Regulate Blood Sugar          

Increase Nutrient Absorption    

                    Eliminate Yeast                          

          Regulate Metabolism              

Improve Mental Focus & Memory

                           Improve ADD/ADHD Symptoms                          

Relieve Menopausal Symptoms

          Relief From Allergies               

      Help For Balancing Hormones        

Lyme Disease & Co-Infections




Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program Guide Plus Supplements

For Only $190.00

  (Supplements Sold Outside This Program Retail For Over $250.00)




 The Healing Solutions Digestive Reset Program Guide With Step By Step Instructions For Completing The Reset


    All Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements Needed To Complete The Program 

 The Supplements Selected For This Program Are Specific Doseages and Bacterias Designed To Work Synergistically For Healing Gut Function.  

Supplements Include, Broad Spectrum Probiotic Bacteria, Yeast Fighting Bacteria, Anti-Microbial, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals