The Iodine Protocol

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Home IODINE Protocol
Physicians Guy Abraham, MD, David Brownstein, MD, and Jorge Flechas, MD, have treated  more than 4,000 patients with iodine supplementation.  The Iodine protocol is comes from their Iodine Study. We acknowledge with appreciation their pioneering research  and generous contributions to the field of Iodine Therapy.  
 "With Iodine Supplementation, hypothyroid and autoimmune thyroid symptoms improve.  Cancer therapies are more effective when iodine deficiency is rectified.  Most importantly, people feel better when the body is given the proper form and amounts of iodine."     Dr. David Brownstein, MD 

   Iodine Prime Nutrient and Co-Nutrients

 Step 1:  Prime with Selenium for 2 weeks prior to introducing Iodine if you are hypo only and 2 months prior to iodine if you have Hashimoto's.
**Make Sure All Drainage Pathways Are Open
Lugols liquid and tablets start at a 12.5 mg dose.  Lugols Tablets were formulated for sensitive stomachs to avoid gastric irritation.
Vitamin C: Take 3,000-4,000mg/day or to bowel tolerance. Should be taken at least 3-4 hours after iodine.  Ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C.  Vitamin C from whole food is recommended and is 100% absorbed by the body. 
Magnesium For Thyroid:  350mg/day of Glycinate.
Selenium For Thyroid:  200mcgs of a whole food Selenium or Selenomethionine.  *Whole food Selenium is better absorbed and least likely to become toxic in the body.
**Selenium can accumulate in the body and become toxic. Run an RBC Selenium test prior to starting Selenium. If your test result indicates a deficiency, start taking Selenium.  If your result is mid-range, use it sparingly and re-check every 6 months.  If your result is above the reference range, no selenium is needed, but re-test every 6 months while on iodine to stay on top of it. 
Sea Salt flushes bromide out of the organs and tissues as iodine is knocking out of the iodine receptors. Salt Loading: 1/4 tsp. of salt mixed with 8oz of water, twice daily. Do this two days prior to starting iodine and after on an as needed basis to move bromide out of the tissues and to minimize herxing.  *Repeat each time you increase your iodine dose.
**Pulse Dosing can also be used. Some people have more success with this method.  Pulse dosing means stopping iodine for 48 hours while you continue the companion nutrients and salt loading to flush the kidneys.
 ATP Energy
ATP Energy:  For Fatigue and Low energy. 

ALL of the Iodine Protocol Nutrients Are Available Below:

Link:  Life'

        *Breast Cancer and Thyroid patients find the "start low, start slow strategy" is the most effective in sensitive cases.  How low?  One drop of Lugol's diluted with 10 drops of water applied to the skin, per day or even per week to start. 



  24 Hour Iodine Loading Test 
This test is the GOLD STANDARD for assessing iodine levels in the body.  It is the ONLY accurate test for evaluating iodine sufficiency.  

Important: The following protocol should be implemented and monitored with the appropriate laboratory work. 

Symptoms of Bromide Detox

Symptoms Improve When You Salt Load

Cherry Angiomas
Sluggishness / Lethargy
Impaired Memory/Concentration
Bromoderma (acne) on face and hands
Disturbance of color perception
Impaired Memory/Concentration
Abnormal pigmentation
Slurred Speech
Emotional Instability
Hair loss
Vision changes
Runny Nose
Reflex changes
Schizophrenic-like actions
Metallic Taste
Sensitivity to light
Diarrhea / Constipation
Eyelid twitching
Dream changes
Increased salivation
Extensor Plantar Responses
Kidney pain
Dry mouth
Body Odor / Sweating
Lugol's Liquid iodine is definitely the best and most effective iodine for reversing fibroids. Dr. David Brownstein's recommendation for iodine therapy to reverse fibroids requires specific doses at certain times of the day to shrink and reverse fibroids. Instructions on dosing for both the Iodine Protocol and Fibroids are included when you purchase Iodine from Life's Healthiest.