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CellCore BioSciences


Redefining the way you view root cause solutions.

CellCore Biosciences supports the body’s natural ability to detox through the utilization of Carbon Technology. 


STEPS 1 - 5 Is The COMPREHENSIVE PROTOCOL It Fixes Everything From The Ground Floor Up and is The Most Intensive.  It's a 9 Month Protocol and That Requires A Commitment.

The EXPEDITED COMPREHENSIVE PROTOCOL Is Step 1, 2, 3 & 4.  This is for someone who is not sensitive and uses each step for one month each. It is a 4 month program.

CellCore’s MINI KIT PROTOCOLS are designed to hone in on a particular health issue. For instance, the C.A. Support Protocol targets candida overgrowth, and the MYC Support Protocol targets mold toxicity and mycotoxins. But all the kit protocols improve mitochondrial function and open drainage pathways before pushing detox.
Because CellCore focuses on foundational medicine, the goal is to have the terrain of the body at optimum health by going after the toxins that can disrupt the body's environment. The nature of these kit protocols is not to zap away problems, but rather to unearth any toxin hindering the body from completing its natural processes, including detoxification. 

If you have already gone through the protocol and need to have more detox support to focus on a particular area, like digestive issues, going through the Stomach Support Protocol instead of another round of the Comprehensive is not only an opportunity for deeper healing; it’s also a mental step forward. In this way, you are starting a different protocol and making progress versus having to repeat what you just completed.
Conversely, a person who might be new to CellCore may not be ready to commit to the entire protocol, but may be more willing to start with something shorter. You may find that radioactive elements are a main concern, so starting on a RAD Support Protocol can be a comfortable place to begin. 
If you are willing to do the Comprehensive Protocol, but are not yet prepared physically, going through one of the kit protocols can help you get where you need to be before going through the entire protocol.
Regardless of the scenario, these kit protocols were made with customization in mind. Not every person is going to need the overhaul work the Comprehensive Protocol offers.  
Step 1: JUMPSTART KIT (1 month)
Before going into a health or detox protocol, it is crucial that you open up your drainage pathways and energy pathways so the toxins they release can be eliminated properly. More than anything, you want to ensure you have prepared the body at the cellular level before any cleansing. If not, it will be much more difficult to address the your health ailment, especially if there are more underlying root causes. 
CellCore’s JUMPSTART KIT is a 30-day supply of four supplements that you can take as the first step in all the mini kit protocols. Plus, it can be repeated as often as necessary for people who require additional or ongoing drainage support. Doing 30 days of drainage support first with the Jumpstart Kit will help minimize and mitigate possible detoxification symptoms and/or Herxheimer reactions.

Key benefits of the Jumpstart Kit include:
  • Binds and eliminates microbial toxins in the gut 
  • Contributes essential minerals to support numerous metabolic functions 
  • Enhances ATP production while optimizing digestive, kidney, and liver function 
  • Helps increase oxygen in the body to support a healthy gut microbiome
  • Prepares the body for further detoxification 
  • Provides optimal drainage and mitochondrial support 
Beginning with the supplements in this JUMPSTART KIT makes it easier for you because you will have already laid the foundation from focusing on drainage and energy production. That way, when you start targeted detox, you have set up your body to heal and recover more effectively. 
BC-ATP Harnessing the benefits of specialized fulvic acid extracts (the basis of CellCore’s proprietary, BC-ATP is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function, upgrade ATP production and promote cellular renewal. While improving energy levels, BC-ATP boosts detoxification to maximize any health protocol and helps mitochondria in their role of supporting the immune system.
BioToxin Binder uses Carbon Technology to provide amino acids, organic acids, polyelectrolytes, and polysaccharides to support cellular energy production. This ability to promote life sets CellCore binders apart from traditional binders consisting of charcoal and/or clays and renders them obsolete. Carbon Technology contains the long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons that will go to different areas of the body depending on the specific length by working systemically, not just in the gut. 
CT Minerals With over 71 naturally occurring, plant derived trace minerals and 12 amino acids from naturally occurring, highly refined, and naturally chelated Carbon Technology fulvic acid extracts, this liquid supplement is highly bioactive and can perform numerous biochemical and metabolic detoxification functions. These extracts are 100% organically complex nano-sized molecules that penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily. 
KL Support This supplement combines Carbon Technology with a unique blend of natural ingredients (including beetroot, gynostemma, marshmallow root, milk thistle, NAC, parsley, and stoneroot) to support kidney and liver health. As an integral part of the body’s cleansing and filtering system, proper kidney and liver function is essential to any detox protocol.
After you complete a round of the Jumpstart Kit, you will be ready to start their specific support protocol. 

Candida albicans is one of the most stubborn types of fungus. Although candida itself is not harmful as a naturally occurring yeast in the body, when someone has candida overgrowth, it disrupts their gut microbiome’s ratio of good and bad bacteria. The spreading of this fungus can spiral out of control and lead to uncomfortable symptoms.  
If you are showing signs of candida overgrowth, the CA Protocol which includes two months of the CA Support Kit, can help begin starving out the candida and treating the infection. 
C.A. SUPPORT KIT (2 Months) 
Key benefits of the C.A. Support Kit include:
  • Binds and eliminates toxins that destroy the microbiome and encourage candida overgrowth
  • Boosts immunity and promotes optimal digestive function 
  • Contains several antifungal herbs to help address candida overgrowth  
  • Helps balance blood sugar and inflammation levels
  • Helps restore the gut terrain so beneficial bacteria can flourish 
  • Lessens candida die-off symptoms and/or Herxheimer reactions 
There are five supplements in this kit that are taken over a period of two months (after a month of the Jumpstart Kit). Each was chosen because of its immune-boosting properties that help improve the gut microbiome while addressing and supporting the removal of candida overgrowth.
CT-Biotic is a probiotic with carefully selected bacterial strains to support a balanced microbiome, efficient detox, and optimal digestion. The 3-spore forming and 8- non spore forming probiotics in this supplement are known to exist naturally and symbiotically in the human GI tract, but often in insufficient amounts. Adding this probiotic helps feed and encourage friendly gut bacteria growth to support healthy gut biodiversity, which is essential for combating candida. Unlike many traditional probiotics, CT-Biotic is formulated with the proprietary Carbon Technology to protect probiotic strains from stomach acid for optimal absorption.
CT Zyme This supplement provides next level digestive support, energy production, immunity, and nutrient absorption with 11 digestive enzymes. Each enzyme functions at a particular pH, making this product effective at different stages of digestion. One of the enzymes, beta glucanase, helps reduce candida biofilm growing in the digestive tract by breaking down and reducing the buildup of beta glucans, which is secreted by gut bacteria and candida.
GCO is formulated with a unique combination of Carbon Technology, herbs, and nutrients to help restore healthy blood sugar levels and support proper and effective metabolism. Additionally, these plant ingredients promote cardiovascular, cellular, cognitive, and digestive health. GCO may also help reduce sugar cravings, which are commonly seen with candida infections. 
 Para 4 Using a specialized blend of herbs such as extracts of noni root and stem, holy basil, and horsetail combined with Carbon Technology, this product benefits patients with sensitivities to the other CellCore pathogen-killing supplements. Para 4 is carefully formulated with antimicrobial properties designed to help target a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms by reducing bacterial and fungal loads such as candida overgrowth. 
 ViRadChem Binder This Carbon Technology binder supports the removal of chemical toxins and binds poisons that destroy the gut microbiome and encourage candida overgrowth. ViRadChem Binder also has antifungal properties while helping safely eliminate endotoxins produced by candida to prevent toxin reabsorption and mitigate die-off symptoms. 

Possible Add-Ons: 
 Bowel Mover for constipation support 
IFC for inflammation

People are constantly bombarded by a toxic environment, whether they realize it or not. The Detox Support Protocol is an intensive mini protocol that targets environmental toxicity. This is especially important if your body's terrain has become overwhelmed by these toxins, leaving them vulnerable to disease. 
After the Jumpstart Kit opens the energy and drainage pathways in the body, the next step is to do some parasite cleansing. Patients will do one month of the Para Kit to eliminate parasites in the body before going into two months deeper detoxification from the Detox Support Kit which will target more of the environmental toxins and heavy metals.
People who may want to do a shorter protocol but are eager to dive into detox because of their concern of toxin exposure could benefit from using this kit protocol. 

PARA KIT(1 Month)
Key benefits of the Para Kit include:
  • Assists body in killing and clearing parasites 
  • Boosts gut health and a healthy microbiome
  • Provides extra support to maximize detox efforts
  • Supports the chelation processes to bind and remove biotoxins
The four supplements of the Para Kit can also be taken for the Full Moon Challenge. In this challenge, patients take these four supplements during a lunar cycle to combat parasites’ heightened ability to move around and cause issues during a full moon.
BioToxin Binder Because this product is made with the proprietary humic and fulvic acid extracts, plus extracts of broccoli sprout and yucca root for their antimicrobial properties, this Carbon Technology binder removes byproducts from bacteria, mycotoxins, parasites, and yeast while helping nourish the gut.
 Para 1 Mimosa Pudica Seed is the only ingredient for Para 1, CellCore’s flagship immune and gut support product. Mimosa pudica seed becomes gelatinous and sticky in the digestive tract to grab onto intestinal build-up, parasites, and toxins to escort them out via stools. 
 Para 2 A multi-herb blend of clove, holarrhena (kutaja), neem, triphala, and vidanga combined with Carbon Technology is designed to nurture the body’s immune and digestive systems, as well as assist in killing off parasites. 
 Para 3 CellCore’s most potent parasite-killing product, Para 3 is a liquid supplement designed to absorb deep into the tissues. The seven herb blend (black walnut hulls, clove, holy basil, sage, tansy, thyme, and wormseed) also supports immune cell activity, inflammatory balance, and microbiome health by providing phytochemicals to boost the liver and digestive system

Key benefits of the Detox Support Kit include:
  • Helps bind and eliminate environmental toxins — such as BPA — and pesticides like glyphosate and phthalates 
  • Helps bind and eliminate toxic levels of heavy metals, such as aluminum, arsenic, lead, and mercury 
  • Helps biodegrade toxins in the GI tract  
  • Promotes a healthier terrain to restore balance to the gut microbiome
  • Utilizes Carbon Technology to provide optimal cellular function and repair 
The four products in the Detox Support Kit support whole-body detoxification from heavy metal toxicity and environmental industrial chemicals like pesticides, all while repairing cellular damage and promoting cell repair and renewal. 
CT Biotic This probiotic helps biodegrade toxins in the GI tract that let pathogens thrive. Cleaning up the gut terrain allows existing healthy bacteria to recolonize and flourish.
CT IodineA vital mineral to thyroid function, CT-Iodine helps convert the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) to triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). This product contains the optimal ratio of iodine to iodide (plus Carbon Technology to deliver the iodine deep into the cells). These two forms of this vital mineral are preferentially used by different organs and tissues and are needed in healthy levels at all stages of growth and development. 
CT Minerals With high energy and a low pH, CT-Minerals offers maximum binding power, which also makes it a powerful chelator. In addition, it helps restore mineral balance and supports all metabolic processes in the body. 
 HM-ET Binder This Carbon Technology binder is formulated to bind and eliminate environmental industrial chemicals and heavy metals, while promoting cellular repair. The “HM” stands for “heavy metals” and “ET” comes from “environmental toxins.” This binder focuses on chelating both heavy metals and environmental toxins from the system, including pesticides, while Carbon Technology molecules provide the biological building blocks to heal the body.

Possible Add-Ons: 
 Bowel Mover for constipation support 
IFC for inflammation
Most people don’t attribute mold as a root cause to many underlying symptoms. However, illness from mold toxicity and mycotoxins often can go unrecognized as allergies or other sensitivities.
If toxic mold exposure is a possibility for you, it’s better to start opening the drainage and energy pathways from the Jumpstart Kit and go into a mold detoxing protocol to address any mold toxicity issues. 
In the MYC Support Protocol you will complete two months of the initial MYC Support Kit, before going into one month of the Advanced MYC Support Kit, which encourages more intensive detoxification. 

Key benefits of the MYC Support Kit include:
  • Fewer allergy symptoms (coughing, sneezing, etc.) and other symptoms associated with mold exposure 
  • Helps bind and release mycotoxins in the cells, gut, and tissues
  • Helps reduce symptoms of mold toxicity (brain fog, low energy, low immunity)
  • Increases cellular energy and supports mitochondrial health 
  • Lower mold levels on panels  
The five base supplements in this kit still focus on drainage, but they also work to mitigate the damage done by mycotoxins and free radicals by repairing damaged mitochondria and improving mitochondrial function. 

Advanced Tudca The ultimate drainage product, Advanced TUDCA also includes NAC, which supports liver glutathione levels. Because mold toxicity may deplete glutathione and reduce liver health, replenishing NAC with Advanced TUDCA can help fight mycotoxins.
 BC-ATP Taking BC-ATP in this protocol will offer sustained levels of energy while optimizing cognitive and mitochondrial function. The carbon-based polyelectrolytes present in the Carbon Technology also reinforces the body’s immune response and help protect DNA from long-term damage from mold exposure.
 BioToxin Binder is a solid first-step binder for a mold detox because it helps bind and eliminate byproducts, debris, and toxins in the gut from mold. It also promotes oxygen production in the body (mold hinders oxygen levels) and nurtures a healthy gut microbiome, which is a must when starting to detox mycotoxins. 
 CT Minerals Not only does CT-Minerals provide essential nutrients to the body, it can also tightly bind onto mold toxins while rebuilding mold-damaged cells through amino acids, essential minerals, and phytochemicals. 
 KT Support Because the liver helps get mycotoxins out of the blood and into the bile, KL Support can also help support the drainage and detoxification processes when excreting the toxin-laden bile via stools. 


A month of this kit takes mold detox another step. You will continue to take Advanced TUDCA, BC-ATP, and CT-Minerals, and will add Carboxy and CT-Biotic to provide a stronger detoxification.
Carboxy provides advanced mold detox support after taking CellCore’s BioToxin Binder. This powerful binder also contains long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons that travel beyond the gut to different areas of the body. The proprietary Carbon Technology formulation of humic acids, fulvic acids, and polysaccharides work together to detox chemicals, environmental toxins, fungal byproducts, and mycotoxins from the body. 
 CT-Biotic is a particularly helpful chelator for ochratoxin A and is better introduced for intermediate stages of detox, as it biodegrades poisons in the gut and can be a more potent detoxer. 

Possible Add-Ons: 
Bowel Mover for constipation support 
GCO for balancing blood sugar levels

Patients with chronic illness who can’t get well or progress past certain points may be experiencing immune system suppression and other challenges from radiation toxicity. Although radioactive elements occur naturally in the earth, increased levels of radioactivity in the environment have caused health issues that need to be addressed. 
The RAD Support Protocol can be the tool for your patients to bind radioactive elements, replenish essential minerals, and revive natural immune and detox functions in the body. After a month of the Jumpstart Kit, patients will go through two months of the RAD Kit to target radioactive elements and support the thyroid.
If you suspect radiation toxicity as a cause of their ailments

RAD KIT (2 Months)
Key benefits of the RAD Kit include:
  • Binds and eliminates radioactive elements (particularly those absorbed through drinking water) 
  • Optimizes mitochondrial function 
  • Protects against future exposure to radiation
  • Supports the health of the thyroid gland 
The four supplements in this kit also assist in cell renewal and repair, help promote systemic detoxification, and protect DNA while boosting thyroid and whole body health.
BC-ATP The polyelectrolytes in this mitochondrial supplement help recharge depleted mineral and electron concentrations to restore the ATP cycle to peak efficiency and protect the body against further environmental stress and oxidative damage from radioactivity. 
 CT Iodine In general, increasing iodine intake supports the removal of radioactive elements. CT-Iodine utilizes pharmaceutical-grade iodine and iodide, along with Carbon Technology, to bind harmful halogens in the body. It also assists in preventing the absorption of radiation in the thyroid in the event of exposure.
 CT Minerals Because radiation depletes the body of minerals, CT-Minerals helps resupply essential minerals while helping pull out radioactive elements from the cells and mitochondria and supporting immune-system health and the body’s natural detoxification functions. 
 ViRad Chem Binder This product is the preferred Carbon Technology binder for detoxing radiation toxicity due to its ability to bind chemical toxins and prevent viral replication at the nanoparticle level. With additional ingredients like astaxanthin and zeolite clinoptilolite, this binder is specially designed to target chemicals, radiation, and viruses. 
Possible Add-Ons: 
Bowel Mover for constipation support 
 IFC for inflammation

When people have an upset stomach, it may be hard for them to assess whether they have a stomach disorder or a brief gut imbalance. However, if pain persists, it could be something more severe. If this is the case, it may be wise to refocus on refreshing microbiome health to allow for easier digestion and elimination and to reset the gut terrain.
An issue that many people don’t realize they could have is an H.pylori infection. The caveat with this, however, is that H. pylori can be a beneficial bacteria, with which most people can live harmoniously. However, many patients have experienced negative gut symptoms, such as stomach ulcers, from an H. pylori infection because of toxin exposures that made them vulnerable in the first place. 
The Stomach Support Protocol is one month of the Jumpstart Kit followed by two months of thenStomach Support Protocol to combat the toxins behind stomach disorders and the harmful effects of H. pylori

Key benefits of the Stomach Support Kit include:
  • Addresses the pathogenic form of H. pylori and other bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella 
  • Binds and eliminates microbial toxins
  • Promotes a healthy gut terrain
  • Restores balance to the gut microbiome
The Stomach Support Kit is designed for those with sensitive stomachs to promote optimal digestive and stomach function, healthy bile flow, and natural detoxification.

 Advanced TUDCA will stimulate the movement of bile, which is essential for helping the stomach maintain the correct pH balance and minimizing the risk of future H. pylori infections.
BioToxin Binder The best binder for those who are sensitive or starting out detoxing, BioToxin Binder binds and eliminates the microbial toxins H. pylori can produce.

CT Biotic Beneficial bacteria strains from CT-Biotic help biodegrade certain poisons in the gut that can destroy the microbiome and create an optimal environment for pathogenic bacteria to thrive. 
 Para 4 The blend of herbs in Para 4 provides a powerful formula that can help boost H. pylori detoxification efforts, help patients with sensitivities, and promote overall healthy stomach function. In clinical settings, it has worked particularly well against the negative forms of H.pylori.
Possible Add-Ons: 
Bowel Mover for constipation support 
GCO for balancing blood sugar levels
IFC for inflammation

Para 2for potent parasite cleansing 

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