Biotics Research Hormone Balance & Protect (Thyroid & Hormones)

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Hormone Balance & Protect: Biotics Research Hormone Balance & Protect

Hormone Balance & Protect

Increases the bio-availability of your sex hormones whether you use prescription, homeopathic or no hormone therapy at all. Helps with sex hormone imbalances and deficiencies.

Hormone Balance and Protect makes sure that hormones are being detoxified and cleared from your body properly.

NOTE: These products are available only to authorized practitioners. 

Offers nutritional and herbal support that is necessary for the healthy metabolism of natural hormones as well as hormonal therapies.* Designed by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, Hormone Balance & Protect provides the nutrients to optimize receptor health as well as key hormone-balancing nutrients.* This formula is designed to support balanced and safe hormone levels as well as foster healthy signaling between the hormone and its respective receptor.

Pair Hormone Balance & Protect With Receptor Detox

Receptor Detox

Receptor Detox CLEANS OFF AND CLEARS receptor sites to make hormones and iodine as effective as possible.  Contains carefully selected nutrients shown to gently, effectively and safely “detox” and clear hormone receptors, ensuring healthy hormone signaling. Receptor Detox is recommended daily for optimal receptor functioning for both females and males, and highly recommended for mature people on hormone replacement and/or those using the Iodine Protocol. Clears toxic halogens from iodine receptors.