MULTI Whole Food Vitamins & Minerals

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Option 2 

Essential Whole Food Multi

"Detoxes, Alkalizes, Full of Vitamins, Minerals and Elements.  You Won't Find A Better Multi-Vitamin."  Dr. Mark Starr, MD

This is the most bioavailable, cell-ready formula for getting your essential daily multivitamins. This complete formula means there’s no need to take multiple products to help your body fill in the gaps between your nutrition and what your body needs. You’ll feel the difference, guaranteed!

  • 100% natural
  • Non-synthetic
  • No fillers
  • All 8 B vitamins PLUS essential cofactors with NO SYNTHETICS!
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • OMEGA-3 & sunflower phospholipids
  • Critical mineral cofactors including fulvic trace minerals to help your body absorb and use your vitamins
  • All 9 essential Amino Acids
  • Bonus support for alkaline balance, natural detox, and healthy cardiovascular & circulatory function

Option 3:  Multi Vitamin Metabolism Booster

Multivitamin Metabolism is an exclusive and innovative multivitamin formula based on cutting-edge research, sound scientific discoveries and the latest knowledge in the field of supplemental nutrition. This revolutionary formula is made with superior ingredients from superior sources for maximum absorption and benefit. In addition to having all of the qualities of a multivitamin, also included is a nutrient-loaded, clinically studied and published, whole-food fruit & veggie base plus the additional targeted nutrient Sinetrol to support metabolism and weight management.

Multivitamin Metabolism contains:

· Superior ingredients from superior sources
Formulated with body-ready (methylated, phosphorylated, chelated & coenzyme) forms of vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption
· Targeted nutrients specific for your individual health and wellbeing needs
The added ingredient Sinetrol supports metabolism and weight management
· Whole-food fruit & veggie base
Spectra is a clinically studied nutrient-loaded blend which fills in the gaps of your daily nutrition