Lyme Disease - Borellia, Babesia, Bartonella & Anaplasma Symptom Clearing Kits

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Lyme & Co-Infections

Symptom Clearing Kits

The BORRELIA-BABESIA Kit, BARTONELLA Kit and ANAPLASMA Kits Are ALL Available.  They Can Be Used Separately, Or Simultaneously.

Homeopathy uproots and clears infections so that they are not a problem for you any longer.    Symptom Clearing treatment works with the body so that your body itself is doing the killing of the pathogens. It is an immunological treatment.

The biggest issue with chronic infections and viruses like Lyme, Mold, EBV, Herpes and other Viruses, is that they tend to evade the immune system which means viruses become latent until they reactivate or as in the case of lyme, they continue to travel through your body reproducing and getting deep into tissue causing more damage.

The intention behind Symptom Clearing Therapy is to get the immune system to recognize the virus or infection, and start to attack. Our immune system is incredibly strong, it just needs to have the guidance to know what to kill or not to kill which is how the therapy works. Each dose of treatment has essentially a form of inactive virus or bacteria DNA which you are targeting. As you take the dose, the body will recognize this new invader and create specialized peptides and antibodies to attack all of the virus or bacteria. This means, suddenly the immune system is awakened and the new antibodies are finally able to see the virus or infection that is all throughout the body and kills it. Each dose in the series are in a different strength & frequency. This is done very carefully so that its ability to target the virus or bacteria as accurate as it can get. 

Symptom Clearing Treatment Kits are completed over a 6-7month period to fight the pathogens.

As your immune system awakens and fights the offending pathogens, you feel better and as you recover, your immune system is being liberated from the hold it has been under all these years from chronic infections and viruses.



Lyme Disease Homeopathic Protocol is taken over a  6 - 7 Month period.  Babesia/Borrelia/Bartonella 

This Therapy Can Be Used With or Without Antibiotics


Lyme Disease Homeopathic Protocol is a program designed to support the immune system by helping to relieve symptoms associated with chronic infections. Unlike other chronic infection programs that simply work by strengthening the immune system, this program works by providing specific homeopathics that are tailored to individually address symptoms of some of the most common infectious agents such as Lyme.  
One of the most important aspects of developing a Lyme disease treatment protocol is to strengthen and restore the immune system. Lyme disease bacteria and associated neurotoxins are immunosuppressive. Since homeopathy stimulates the body’s response to the disease, it is basically able to “jumpstart” the immune system to engage in the fight against the infection. It gets to the root of the issue not by generically boosting the whole immune system, but instead, by specifically targeting immune functions that relate exactly to the disease at hand. 
Neurological Symptoms Of Lyme Include:

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Psychosis, Parnoia, Bipolar Disorder, Seizures , Tremors, Headaches, Light and Sound Sensitivity, Blurry Vision, Floaters, Bell's Palsy, Numbness in Arms and Legs, Twitching of Face, Vertigo, Motion Sickness.
More Specifically:
Lyme:  Fatigue, headaches, arthralgias, cognitive difficulties, women flare up during and after menstrual cycles. 
Babesia:  Malaria like illness, fever, chills, day sweats, night sweats. 
Erlichia:  Low White blood count, and platelet counts, elevated liver enzymes. 
Bartonella:  Same as Lyme, seizures, gut issues.


Step 1:  Drainage Remedies to open pathways of detoxification.

Step 2:  Begin With The Comprehensive Detoxification Kit.  Recommended Throughout The Duration Of The Protocol. This will relieve symptoms of detoxification throughout the entire body, keeping pathways open and clear.  

Month 1 & 2:  2-Lyme Specific Low Potency Homeopathic Kits.

(Choose Borrelia-Babesia Kit, Bartonalla Kit and/or Anaplasma Kit) 

Months 3 & 4:  1 -Lyme Kit Medium Potency Homeopath Kits

Month 5 & 6:  1 -Lyme Kit High Potency Homeopathic Kits

Throughout the Protocol LymePlus Can Be Used To Minimize Any Herxing Reactions.

 Tinctures and Vitamin C Liquid to support the immune system and manage detoxification.

*If you have more than one co-infection, for example, Borrelia-Babesia, Bartonella and Anaplasma, you can stagger these kits beginning Borrelia on a Monday, for example and Bartonella the next day. 

Protocol Specific Instructions Will Be Emailed To You.

 Once the Protocol is Complete.  HomoChord Drops Are Recommended For The Next 3+ Months. These contain the Homeopathic dilutions found in the Series Kits, all in one formula.  So, basically it has all the potencies that are found in the Series Kits, all combined together. These will further help with symptom management.


"I've just finished my Borrelia and Babesia Kits. My new Lyme testing showed no borrelia or babesia!  I am over the moon and so happy I did the clearing kits. "Susan G.

"My son just started his 3rd month on the Bartonella, Babesia/Borellia Kits.  Like most Lyme infected individuals, he is always worse during the full moon phase. Last week was the first time in years that he had no issues what so ever with the full moon!  These kits are working well.  There have been no mood swings either and his energy level is improving by the week."  Karen D.

"Several years ago I went out to a ranch in Wyoming and came home very sick. All I could do was work and sleep.  I became so sick I could barely walk down to the end of my driveway to get my newspaper.  I got treated from some of the best practitioners in my area of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was not making much progress with any of the treatments.  My PCP did some tests and said I had Lupus.  I knew I had some kind of chronic infection that I could not figure out for myself. I flew to California and Utah to see doctors for treatment and  made no progress at all.  I was given steroids and years of antibiotics from a lyme specialist in Minnesota which made a mess out of me and did absolutely nothing.  I finally heard about a doctor in N. Carolina who ran more tests and told me I had a spirochete locked into my system. He put me on the Lyme and co-infection Clearing Kits and that made the biggest change in my health out of everything I had done in years.  Nothing has worked better than these clearing kits."  Dr. S. Irestone

I took three kits: Babesia/Lyme, Bartonella and Candida. After 1 year of treatment on antibiotics, my immune system was screwed up and I needed to kick it up with something to get through the fatigue and lethargy. This really helped significantly. After the 2nd vile, I had a strong neurological herx that lasted for 2 days with body-wide inflammation. Then I started feeling like myself. So much more energy and mental clarity. Not sure if this will last beyond finishing the kits, but definitely 90% better since being on it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a sense of healing.  Byron C.

 It does work! I am proof! I have used DesBio for Bartonella, Babesia, strep, pandas, EBV, and on and on! I’m finally able to dance in my kitchen while I cook! That is not to say I don’t have a few down days but I’m not lying in my bed in pain all day thanks to DesBio!  Stacey W.

These kits gave me my life back!  Nicole G.

This program has worked great for me. Mike M.

Gave me my life back. I feel better after losing my mobility and being almost bed bound. Bartonella was one of my worst beasts to treat. I was miserable. I think it’s important to work with someone who knows how to use DesBio. And you will likely get worse before better (but everyone is different). Detox detox detox! Give it time. I felt worse and discouraged but then better and better. I’m at 90% improved. Just healing some damage done over the years especially to my adrenals. If it’s too strong, you can go slower.  Christy O.

Within 2 weeks of taking Borrelia Babesia Kit my Lyme symptoms improved and now after 60 days I feel fantastic.  Nathan G.

I use Borrelia Babesia  Kit twice a year for lyme. It helps with the fatigue and keeps me from getting sick. I feel so much better after I use this kit.  Debbie K.

I never knew living with lyme disease could ruin your life. I have been to many doctors and they have ran a lot of blood test and could not find a thing wrong except I had a high white blood cell count. Finally I got fed up and did the  Borrelia Babesia Kit and it's changing my life! Thank God for homeopathic medications!  Kimberly M.  

"I have been dealing with chronic Lyme disease for 15 years. Using this product has given me relief from the recent flair up. The use of antibiotics exhausted me and left my digestive system a mess. I now make it through the day without sleeping and my brain fog has been greatly diminished. I am so grateful for these products.  Having an option that works without side effects has given me my energy and zest for life back!"  Patty S.