Parasite Clearing Kit - Homeopathic

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Endo Para Clearing Kit 

Homeopathy uproots and clears infections so that they are not a problem for you any longer.

Parasites are small but very common infectious organisms like worms that colonize our body, most usually our digestive tract. When you eliminate parasites, it helps the immune system to kill viruses.

If you have young children, own animals traveled to certain places outside the country, eaten undercooked meat, etc., the unsavory reality is that you probably have or have had parasite infections such as worms at some point. These affect us, but the affect on children can be quite dramatic. It can seem like your darling child has been taken over by an aggressive, hyperactive, angry, loud, constantly hungry, tooth grinding, nose picking bottom scratching changeling who laughs in odd places and seems determined to not let you enjoy an unbroken nights sleep ever again.

But can homeopathy treat parasites? A resounding YES!
"When I realized that the reason my son had been keeping me awake at odd hours, exploring ever deeper caverns of his nostrils, sticking every object he could find in his mouth and beating me up and biting me almost as if possessed for the last few weeks, was not that he was just irritated, food sensitive, over-tired or regressing. He had a parasite infection. The terrible smelling loose stools that I had to clean for the last few weeks should have been my final clue, but sometimes it is difficult to see what is right in front of your face when it comes to your own family.
Cina is one of several ingredients in the Parasite Clearing Kit and practically overnight I had a different child.  My beautiful child is back to me. His smile is back, He has stopped hitting and biting, he is more affectionate and clearly happier - the light and joy is back in his eyes. He is sleeping (and so am I!!), he had a solid stool within 2 days of the first dose for the first time in several weeks. It is literally like getting my sweet boy back. I cannot tell you enough how effective homeopathy is for parasite treatment and for children’s health in general. Other wonderful ingredients for include, Teucrinum, Granatum, Cuprum, and Nat phos. Sometimes the thing that shifts it is constitutional treatment but this kit worked miracles at clearing up pests and their symptoms alongside."  L.  Smith


1. Begin With The "Comprehensive Detoxification Kit" For Weeks 1-2. This will clear out and open up the pathways so that the Parasite Cleanse Program can work effectively. 

2. You will continue with the kit throughout the duration of the

"Parasite Cleanse 2-Month Program."  which consists of 4-Formulas which support immune system, clears all bugs and parasites, reduces symptoms of parasitic infections, cleanses the gut, expels dead parasites and larve from the body, heals, repairs, soothes and reduces inflammation.

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Additional Options:

Parasite Complex Homeopathic:   relief from the symptoms of parasite infections in accordance with commonly accepted herbal literature.

Ver:   relief of symptoms related to parasite infestation including occasional diarrhea, digestive problems, flatulence, occasional constipation, and spasms.

PathoGuard:   PathoGuard’s targeted formula supports the body's immune system in clearing bacteria, worms, parasites, and viruses. It supports the immune system and healthy gastrointestinal function.