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Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame ChhC, AADP

AutoImmune Disease

AutoImmune Disease

$ 144.95


"I am ultra sensitive to most supplements, but Karen explained to me that Homeopathic approaches to healing are very safe to use.  This protocol was great for healing my gut."  Patty M.

"Gut heal is so important and I wanted a program that would heal.  I really like this one, it has helped me so much!"  Karen G.


Step 1:  Begin With The Comprehensive Detoxification Kit(2-Month Protocol)

After The Second Week On The Detox Kit, Add In The Following:

Resveratrol Curcumin: Supports antioxidant activity, healthy inflammatory responses, and healthy aging. (1 Serving 1X/day)

TranszymeSupport for muscle, joint and overall tissue health. This revolutionary product incorporates proteolytic enzymes into a liposomal delivery system. (1 Serving 3-9X/day in between meals)

Intestinal Restore Formula:  Provides multifaceted support for digestive health and intestinal integrity. Intestinal Restore features Tegricel, a source of serum antibodies and immunoglobulins, to support the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal immune system. Glutamine is the preferred amino acid for regeneration of intestinal cells while mucilaginous herbs soothe inflamed and damaged tissues. Finally, digestive enzymes encourage healthy digestion and absorption of macronutrients. (1 Serving 1-3X/day)

Leaky Gut:   For relief of symptoms related to leaky gut syndrome such as fatigue, seasonal allergies, joint pain, occasional constipation, mental fogginess and occasional diarrhea. (10 drops 3X/day)


For The Maximum Desired Results Use All Products, Including Detox Kit