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For Students Returning To School

Top Supplements to help strengthen the immune system, navigate late night exhaustion, lack of proper nutrition, extreme amounts of school work, a trashed digestive system, social and emotional stress, help with sleep.


Real Vitamin C Defends Against Viruses and Strengthens The Immune System, Especially Helpful Under Stress.

Immune Attune Are Great To Have On-hand To Bolster Immunity For Protection Against Illness And To Lessen The Duration and Symptoms Of Cold, Flu and Viruses

Vitamin D3/k2 Immune Health

Omni Essentials Whole Food Multi Fills Nutritional Voids And Delivers Whole Food  Vitamins Minerals and Nutrition To The Body 

Multi-Mix Whole Food Therapy Delicious fruit and vegetable blend that supports your health using free radical-fighting antioxidant power and floods your cells, organs and systems with the nutrients it needs for health and healing. 

Ashwagandha or Rhodiola Supports The Body's Natural Ability To Cope With Stress

Curcumin-Resveratrol Supports Immune Health, Cognitive Health and Anti-Inflammatory

Perfect Sleep Balances Sleep Hormones For A Quality Restful Sleep

Throat Spray Supports Healthy Respiration, Nasal and Throat Health. Delivers Immediate Relief and is Indispensable For Wellness.  Taken at bedtime to kill whatever you were exposed to during the day.

Contra-Virus Caps  Anti-Viral formula enhances white blood cells to PROTECT you from getting sick.  Speeds recovery time if you are already sick.  Strengthens the immune system, protects your cells from viral damage.  Stops viruses from replicating. 

Cold & Flu Fix  Whole Food Therapy combines all the good stuff you need when you are feeling unwell.  Beets, Real Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc and Cherries deliver the nutrients to help you fight off colds, flu and viruses.  Ingredients:  Beets, Real Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc & Cherries.

ElderBerry Elixir Whole Food Therapy can be used as a preventative and also to lessen the duration and symptoms of colds and flu. 

Smart Silver Nasal Spray  Strengthen your immunity with Smart Silver. Many people have no idea that they can use silver to prevent infections, kill bacteria and boost their immunity during the flu season. DesBio purified silver water is safe to drink, spray or apply topically. Use silver water as a mouthwash to kill bacteria when you brush your teeth. DesBio silver spray uses engineered nano silver to kill bacteria more efficiently than colloidal silver. The silver gel has an impressive 16-year shelf life — and since the nanoparticles leave your body after 24 hours, you won't have to worry about the buildup. Invest in silver immune support today.

Virus Relief Herbal Tea  This healthful, healing blend of herbs and pure white leaf blend promotes balance, alignment and homeostatis.  Our bodies are exposed to a number of toxins and stressors, making detoxification necessary to reset the constitution using echinacea and lemongrass which both help the body to fight illness and disease.  Echinacea, in particular, is supportive of the immune system and has a direct anti-viral action against colds and viruses and Pure White Healing Solutions blend helps deactivate bacteria and viruses in the body. 

Respiratory & Sinus Relief Herbal Tea  Herbal blend focuses its energy in a very effective way in the lungs, and it gets to work fast! Verbascum helps remove any 'gunk' from with the lungs via its gentle yet thorough expectorant abilities. It helps the lungs purge themselves of mucous and phlegm that have taken their fill of toxins, pollutants, and foreign matter so that it can be given healthy replacements. Like many herbs used in herbal tea, Verbascum has natural mucilage which soothes, coats, and protects the respiratory system from the sinuses to the lungs. In many cases, recurring lung issues are wrapped up in an inflammation cycle. Verbascum is a gentle anti-inflammatory that focuses on the lungs.

Glutathione Food:  contains a blend of glutathione rich foods to boost the body's natural production of glutathione and deliver glutathione to your cells naturally. It protects and repairs DNA damage, environmental toxins, aging, stress, medications, alcohol, infections and the aging process. detoxification process that neutralizes drugs, chemicals, radiation, metabolic wastes, viruses, bacteria and reduces toxins and carcinogens that are increasingly present in our environment.  *Great for Covid!


Artemisinin  An anti-inflammatory phytomedicine with broad-spectrum antiviral activity. Artemisinin and its antimalarial properties were discovered by the Chinese scientist Tu Youyu, who became one of the laureates of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this breakthrough in tropical medicine. It is a commonly used anti-malaria drug. Artemisinin has recently been repurposed as a potential COVID-19 drug. Its documented anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity has been attributed to its ability to inhibit spike-protein mediated and TGF-β-dependent early steps in the infection process as well as its ability to disrupt the post-entry intracellular events of the SARS-CoV-2 infection cycle required for viral replication. In addition, Artemisinin has anti-inflammatory activity and reduces the systemic levels of inflammatory cytokines that contribute to cytokine storm and inflammatory organ injury in high-risk COVID-19 patients. We postulate that Artemisinin may prevent the worsening of the health condition of patients with mild-moderate COVID-19 when administered early in the course of their disease. Artemisinin has a clinical impact potential in the treatment of COVID-19 because it can prevent the progression of the disease and accelerate the recovery of patients before they develop potentially life-threatening complications. This dual-function COVID-19 drug candidate is hoped to mitigate the cytokine-mediated inflammatory injury associated with the cytokine storm and viral sepsis in critically ill COVID-19 patients.