College Student Wellness Kit

$ 44.95



For College Students to help navigate late night exhaustion, lack of proper nutrition, extreme amounts of school work, a trashed digestive system, social and emotional stress, and partying!

Real Vitamin C Defends Against Viruses and Strengthens The Immune System, Especially Helpful Under Stress.

Immune Support Drops Are Great To Have On-hand To Bolster Immunity For Protection Against Illness And To Lessen The Duration and Symptoms Of Cold, Flu and Viruses

Vitamin D3/k2 For Immune Strengthening

Whole Food Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Fills Nutritional Voids And Delivers Whole Food  Vitamins Minerals and Nutrition To The Body

Ashwagandha Supports The Body's Natural Ability To Cope With Stress

Curcumin-Resveratrol Supports Immune Health, Cognitive Health and Anti-Inflammatory.

Perfect Sleep Drops Balances Sleep Hormones For A Quality Restful Sleep.

Throat Spray Supports Healthy Respiration, Nasal and Throat Health. Delivers Immediate Relief and is Indispensable For Winter Wellness

Contra-Virus Caps  Anti-Viral formula enhances white blood cells to PROTECT you from getting sick.  Speeds recovery time if you are already sick.  Strengthens the immune system, protects your cells from viral damage.  Stops viruses from replicating.