Biocidin GI Inner Calm

$ 69.97

G.I. InnerCalm is a gut powder with broad benefits. It promotes gastrointestinal and nervous system health and helps manage the discomfort associated with heartburn, bloating, and gas. Simple, soothing support for the gut and mind. 

G.I. InnerCalm helps strengthen the vagus nerve which is vital to enhance your overall well-being. The Vagus nerve connects your brain to your neck, chest, abdomen, and gut – and plays a vital role in regulating stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and digestion.

G.I. InnerCalm supports healthy gut mucosa and gut barrier integrity.  It helps manage heartburn, gas and bloating.  G.I. InnerCalm contributes to a healthy nervous system, mood and sleep.  It supports bowel and GI motility and normalizes IBS and Constipation.  G.I. InnerCalm supports a healthy stress response and improves digestive health.  It reduces systemic inflammation, balances histamine, improves vagus nerve function, normalizes motility, is neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, choleretic and cholagogue.

G.I. InnerCalm contains glycine instead of glutamine. Why? Because glycine offers support for gut integrity – with the added benefit of calming both the gut and the nervous system.  Glutamine translates into Glutamate which can cause or exacerbate anxiety.  Glycine does not have this effect and is better tolerated. 

Who Is G.I. InnerCalm Best For? 

-Individuals looking to soothe the gut lining and support GI permeability.
-Individuals addressing chronic or acute GI discomfort or dysfunction. Individuals seeking to relax the gut and mind.           
-Individuals looking to support healthy motility.                               
-Individuals with a sensitive stomach and food sensitivities.         
-Individuals seeking support for improved mood and sleep.

G.I. Inner Calm is a plant-focused formulation that combines botanicals and other proven nutrients at evidence-based levels. The delicious powdered drink contains glycine, GutGard,  deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and PepZin GI (zinc L-carnosine), all of which have been shown to support healthy gut mucosa. Their activity is augmented by additional herbal ingredients, resulting in an environment that allows the body’s innate wisdom to flourish.