Biocidin LSF Pump

$ 78.99

Need the microbial balancing activities of Biocidin® but at a deeper level? Biocidin®LSF is the powerhouse you’re looking for. It contains the same potent, broad-spectrum botanical blend in a unique sunflower phospholipid formula for advanced absorption. Research shows the migration of liposomal Biocidin® LSF across the cell wall (transcellular absorption) is 74% higher than Biocidin® Liquid. Biocidin® and all its benefits – made even more bioavailable with fast delivery for whole-body action.
● Rapid and systemic delivery
● Broad-spectrum activity*
● Dismantles biofilms*
● Supports gut health by addressing unwanted organisms*
● Promotes mental clarity and vitality*
● Immuno-modulatory activity*
● Promotes a healthy inflammatory response*
Biocidin Capsules and Liquid Drops concentrates in the GI Tract.
Biocidin LSF is Systemic for the Blood Stream and Lymph Circulation.