Biocidin Mold Illness Protocol (4-Month Program)

Biocidin Botanicals

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select: Biocidin BioClear Phase 1 - 2 Kits Mold Illness Protocol

Biocidin Mold Illness Protocol

(2-Phases Are Used Over 4-Months)

With its blend of multiple botanicals, Biocidin offers synergistic activity that acts against microbes while supporting a healthy immune and inflammatory response that kills mold and mycotoxins and heals the gut.

Biocidin Liquid targets the GI and Intestines and makes titration easy, improving tolerance and compliance. Biocidin LSF Formula targets Systemic and Lymph.

Toxic Mold alters your gut microbiome and blocks leptin receptors.  Leptin is the hormone that regulates your appetite, cravings and metabolism, leading to leptin resistance which makes it harder to lose weight.

Both formulas are required for this Mold Illness Protocol. 

Dosing can be modified to the individual's tolerance while utilizing G.I. Detox + as a binder to support clearance. 

Phase 1/Month 1 & 2:  Biocidin BioClear Program With Biocidin Liquid Formula. *Requires 2 Kits

Phase 2/Month 3 & 4:  Comprehensive Cleansing Program With Biocidin LSF Formula. *Requires 1 Kit.

Instructions For The Biocidin Mold Illness Protocol With Dosing Will Be Sent Out With The Kits. Includes Instructions For Using Biocidin For MARCONS too.


Nasal Applications To Target MARCoNS:
Neti Pot 1-2 pumps of Biocidin LSF (ideal) or 5-10 drops of Biocidin Liquid or in a neti pot solution. Use several times daily until improvement is seen.
Smart Silver Nasal Spray Bottle (Desbio) - 1-2 pumps of Biocidin® LSF (ideal) or 5-10 drops of Biocidin® liquid or in the bottle of prepared Smart Silver  (1oz) | 3-4x/ day for 6 weeks until improvement is seen.
Nebulizer - with mask or nasal cannula attachment. Add 5-10 drops of Biocidin liquid to the prepared solution to the fill line (depending on manufacturer). Use 1-3x/ day until symptoms resolve or up to 4-6 weeks if a chronic case.
Please note: The Biocidin solutions in all of the Nasal Applications listed here can be applied topically in the nose several times per day.

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