Biocidin TS Defend Herbal Throat Spray Daily Immune Support 1 fl oz

Biocidin Botanicals

$ 28.47

Biocidin Throat Spray KILLS Everything You Have Been Exposed To Throughout Your Day!  It naturally stimulates a rapid immune response. 

Biocidin TS (throat spray) is an easy-to-use throat spray that contains our proprietary Biocidin botanical blend. It was the subject of a human clinical trial – the gold standard in science. Participants (athletes tested post-workout) showed a rapid increase in immune activity within 60 minutes of use. A soothing, protective boost – so unique we patented it.

Biocidin TS has shown clear clinical support for a healthy immune response – giving your body what it needs to do its best work. 

Taken at bedtime will kill whatever you are exposed to during the day!

*Primes salivary defenses through the secretion of SIgA

*Elicits Immuno-modulatory activity

*Promotes daily wellness

*Supports health in the upper respiratory tract

*Indispensable for seasonal support

*Upper respiratory support especially while traveling.

*Speeds healing from Strep Throat

*Speeds healing from Tonsillitis