Biocidin Urinary Tract Infection [UTI] Treatment 4-Product Kit

Biocidin Botanicals

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Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infections in women – affecting up to 40% of women in the United States in their lifetime.

UTI refers to an infection of the bladder, urethra, ureters and/or kidneys. Antibiotics are often used to treat the infection in mainstream medicine; however, some women get recurring UTIs that are resistant to antibiotics and can be very difficult to resolve. (UTI's are very common in menopause as a result of low or no estrogen.  Vaginal estrogen can help.)

This is a result of both microbial resistance and the fact that biofilms are often involved. UTIs often accompany vaginal infection, further complicating the clinical picture. Vaginal and urinary tract infections are most often caused by pathogens that originate in the digestive tract.

 The Holistic Approach Should Be:

• Address infection and biofilms in the urinary tract

 • Support a healthy urethral and bladder mucosa

• Balance the vaginal and gut microbiomes

 • Maintain an appropriate vaginal pH.

The Biocidin UTI Treatment Kit Includes:

  • Biocidin Remove LSF Pump – Broad-spectrum formula re-establishes microbial balance in the GI tract. Goes directly into the bloodstream and lymphatic systems to address systemic biofilms, toxins and pathogens.
  • G.I. Detox+ Bind capsules– Binds the toxins in the gut excreted in the bile and sequesters the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) released by dysbiotic organisms in the GI tract. 
  • Olivirex - Naturally addresses unwanted organisms, bringing additional force to oppose biofilms and support immune function.* Body and plant unite in action to create resilience. That's why Olive Leaf Extract is the main ingredient in Olivirex®.
    Additional select botanicals open channels to support the kidney, lymphatics, and liver – driving the Olive Leaf where the body needs it most while ushering out toxins.
  • G.I. Inner Calm - Supports Digestive Health and Stomach Lining IntegrityHelps Manage Heartburn, Bloating and GasPromotes Healthy Gut Motility and RegularityHeals Nervous System DysregulationImproves Mood and SleepSupports A Healthy Stress ResponseRelaxes The Gut and the Brain/MindGreat For People With Sensitive Stomach and Food Sensitivities.