Biotics Research A.D.P. (Emulsified Oregano Oil)

Biotics Research

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60 Tablets: Biotics Research A.D.P. 60 Tablets

Biotics A.D.P. Is Emulsified Oregano Oil is the most effective Oregano Oil available.  Emulsified Oregano Oil is stronger because it's emulsified.  It is sustained release and unlike any other Oregano Oil, it is released all throughout the gastro-intestinal system, not just the intestines as all other oregano oils are. A.D.P. targets 'most' infections.  Other Oregano Oils are not as effective or comprehensive, they are not sustained release and they only target the intestines.  It kills parasites, candida, mycotoxins, pathogens and toxins. 

Emulsions Are Safer And More Effective Than Liposomals.

A.D.P. supplies a patented formula of sustained release, emulsified oil of oregano. This powerful plant extract boasts robust antioxidant properties along with a strong history in supporting GI health. The oil of oregano in A.D.P. uses micro-emulsion technology for increased nutrient absorption and bioavailability, dramatically increasing the effective surface area of the oil. In addition, a sustained release mechanism has been applied to A.D.P., assuring a gradual release throughout the digestive tract where it functions to impact undesirable intestinal organisms. This combined effect of emulsification and sustained release optimizes intestinal exposure to the essential oil.