Biotics Research BioPause AM & PM (Menopause)

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BioPause AM: Biotics Research BioPause AM

BioPause-AM is designed to address hot flashes, palpitations, and other associated symptoms often experienced by women during menopause, or the transition into menopause. The adaptogenic properties of the herbs assist with the fatigue and menstrual discomfort often reported by women in this stage of their life.* Clinically, women report less anxiety, more energy, and improved mental clarity during the day as a result of taking BioPause-AM. 

BioPause PM has been formulated to assist women in getting the rest they need during their transitional phase of life. It addresses symptoms such as night sweats, anxiety, and restlessness that often preclude a restful and rejuvenating sleep.


BioPause AM Ingredients

BioPause PM Ingredients