Biotics Research Bromelain Plus

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Bromelain Plus: Biotics Research Bromelain Plus

Bromelain Plus

Bromelain Plus supplies bromelain and papain, along with inositol and the amino acid L-cysteine. This product provides supplemental enzyme support in the form of proteolytic (decomposition of protein) activity. It may be beneficial as an aide in helping with muscle pain due to overexertion by supporting the body's natural anti-inflammatory response.  Bromelain Plus Is Lactose FREE.

Bromelain Plus CLA

Bromelain Plus CLA supplies bromelain, along with the enzymes cellulase, lipase, and amylase. It also includes the proteolytic enzyme ficin. Bromelain Plus CLA™ is effective as a digestive enzyme, and may be beneficial for supporting a healthy inflammatory response.