Biotics Research Butyric-Cal-Mag (Butyrate)

Biotics Research

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Biotics Research has the most unique and effective Butyrate on the market.

Not only does Biotics Butyric-Cal-Mag NOT have a smell, the formula uses Tributyrin Complex which gets the Butyrate into the colon better than any other Butyrate.  It's more effective and efficient for getting to the colon.  Tributyrin makes Butyric more bio-available.  No other Butyric has this ability which makes Biotics Research the #1 Butyrate you will find.

Butyric-Cal-Mag supplies a supplemental source of butyric acid (as calcium & magnesium butyrate), the primary fuel of colonic cells. Butyric acid is a naturally-occurring 4-carbon fatty acid formed in the healthy colon from the fermentation of dietary fiber by friendly bacteria.