Biotics Research Cardio-Lipid

Biotics Research

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According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), nearly 94 million U.S. adults aged 20 or older have suboptimal cholesterol metabolism. Cardio-Lipid, formulated by Mark Houston, MD, is designed to provide advanced lipid and overall cardiovascular support.* Cardio-Lipid features a synergistic blend of targeted nutrients like red yeast rice, phytosterols, garlic, berberine, and delta-tocopherol, and is ideal for patients seeking a natural approach to support healthy lipid metabolism.*


Dr. Mark Houston, renowned Cardiologist, developed Cardio-Lipid with the 5 most powerful, safe and effective nutrients proven to treat LDL and LDL particle size, while providing synergistic and additive cardio benefits, and without the side effects of cholesterol lowering Rx's!

Proven reduction in LDLs competitive with the most potent cholesterol lowering Rx, Dr. Houston has formulated this to be an effective strategy for primary and secondary prevention.