Biotics Research MetabolicBiome Plus 7-Day Kits (Weight Loss, Metabolic Syndrome)

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MetabolicBiome Plus WHEY: Biotics Research MetabolicBiome Plus WHEY PROTEIN VANILLA


  MetabolicBiome Plus Kit Is A New Weight Management Program.  Improves Metabolism And The Gut Microbiome.

MetabolicBiome Plus Is Designed To Correct The Internal Metabolism, Systemic Inflammation and Optimize The Gut Metabolism For Weight Loss, Diabetes, AutoImmune Conditions, Systemic Inflammatory Conditions, Including Gut/Brain Conditions That Affect The Brain.

MetabolicBiome Plus kit is a revolutionary healthy weight management program that supports blood sugar stability while also targeting the health of the gut microbiome. By mimicking the effects of a diversified plant-based diet, the MetabolicBiome Plus kit supports an individual’s optimal weight using a two-pronged approach: Optimize gut microbiota through polyphenolic stimulation; Support healthy blood sugar through macronutrient balance and key nutrients.* Each 7-day MetabolicBiome Plus kit contains: 14 packets of MetabolicBiome Plus, a meal supplement powder to promote the growth and activity of a healthy microbiome; 14 supplement packets that include GlucoResolve™ to support healthy glucose and insulin metabolism; Biomega-700™ (omega-3s) and digestive enzyme support; Patient Guidebook



Adipose Tissue is FAT Tissue And To Much Adipose Tissue Leads To Obesity.

Adipose Tissue leads to Inflammation. Adipose Tissue generates Estrogen.  Adipose tissue generates Leptin which promotes more systemic Inflammation and Suppresses the Immune System.

MetabolicBiome Plus Promotes Healthy Microbiome, specifically providing nutrients to support leanness promoting gut bacteria. Kit also supports healthy glucose and insulin levels and reduces systemic inflammation.

You can expect a weight loss of at least 1-2 lbs. per week.

Insulin can lower 50% in the first 5 days!


GlucoResolve® is a daily multivitamin specifically formulated to support healthy blood sugar levels.* In addition to foundational vitamins and minerals, GlucoResolve® contains taurine, lipoic acid, pomegranate seed extract, EGCG, NAC, berberine, acetyl-l-carnitine, forskolin, grapeseed and quercetin that help foster healthy weight management, optimize metabolism, provide powerful antioxidants, and promote AMPK activity (which supports normal energy generating processes such as glucose uptake).