Brain Health

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Homeopathy For Brain Health

Option 1:  Neuro 1 + Focus
Option 2:  Dynamic Brain + Focus

Brain Fog is extremely common in Lyme and Mold patients.  It is also common in menopausal women and can develop as a symptom of many other health disorders. 

The combination of Neuro and Focus Formulas used together are wonderful for lifting brain fog.

Neuro 1:  Homeopathic for relief of symptoms including fatigue, foggy brain, poor concentration, jet lag, mood swings, stress and travel sickness.
Focus:  Homeopathic relief of symptoms due to various deficit disorders and hyperactivity, such as difficult concentration, impulsivity, restlessness, temper tantrums, quick temper, easily bored, forgetful, noise sensitivity, and mood changes.
Dynamic Brain:   Homeopathic drops for the relief of symptoms related to ADD, ADHD, Brain Fog, Cognitive Issues, Focus, Memory, Forgetfulness, Confusion, Absent-Mindedness, Mental Dullness, Senility.
Together, these products are fantastic for clearing Brain Fog.


Nootropic supplement formulated with modern, clinically studied ingredients to support cognitive performance.  Improves Cognition, Focus, Memory, Mental Sharpness, Brain Inflammation, Mood, Brain Fog, Improves Frontal Lobe Function, Anxiety, Depression, Neuro Covid, OCD, Brain Degeneration Due To Hormone Changes, Mental Recall.