Candida Symptom Series Kit - Desbio

$ 198.95

Homeopathy uproots and clears infections so that they are not a problem for you any longer.

Candida Clearing Kit is a 60-day program that works to support the relief of symptoms associated with an overgrowth of Candida albicans. Candida is a type of yeast that lives naturally in the body, particularly in the intestinal tract, mucous membranes, and skin. While a certain amount of Candida exists in every body, an overgrowth can cause negative effects on your health.
This homeopathic protocol contains five supplements to help maintain Candida balance which offer homeopathic support for a healthy balance of Candida, as well as an herbal supplement that supports immune system health. The kit also includes a powdered supplement that supports the gastrointestinal tract and promotes overall gut health and a fiber powder which is a probiotic supplement that supports a healthy balance of intestinal flora and promotes healthy elimination.
Step 1:  Comprehensive Detoxification Kit First, For 2-Weeks Prior To Beginning The Candida Clearing Kit.  This Will Get The Body Ready and Minimize Herxing From Die Off.
Step 2:  Add In Smart Silver
Step 3:  Candida Clearing Kit
"For a year Ive tried just about every prescription and herbal treatment for candidiasis. I generally respond best to homeopathics like this protocol paired with the sugar-free diet. I had to take antibiotics for a serious infection which made the candida flare again. Candida Clearing Protocol has been most effective at getting it under control again."  Beth K.  
"I was sick all the time and I was 30 lbs. over weight, felt tired most of the day and had asthma. I cleaned up my diet of no grains, fried food, carbs or sugars. It changed my life! I lost 35 lbs, have energy all day and off my asthma medication. I no longer have any symptoms of Candida, but just to be sure, I do this Candida Kit once a year."  Sean G.