Now Caprylic Acid (Natural Anti-Fungal) 100 softgels


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Natural Anti-Fungal

Effective For Eliminating MycoToxins

When pharmaceutical anti-fungals are not tolerated or you just want something 'natural," Caprylic Acid is an excellent alternative.

Caprylic acid is one of the strongest and most effective natural yeast-fighting agents available.  It is a naturally derived nutrient also known as octanoic acid. Caprylic cid is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCT) that is naturally found in coconut and palm kernel oil. Caprylic acid may contribute to supporting a healthy digestive bacterial environment.

When a person is exposed to toxic mold and their body does not flush it through and get rid of it we usually call this "mycotoxicosis".  This is when people start to get sick from being exposed to toxic mold.

When a person is now sick from being exposed to mold the good bacteria in the body or also known as the probiotics cannot compete with the new introduction of these "highly aggressive and territorial" toxic mold spores and mycotoxins.  What then happens is that because there is now a shortage of good bacteria in the gut that throws off the "yin/yang" or perfect balance in the body then Candida Albicans begins to increase "EXTENSIVELY".  This means that now a person not only has a toxic mold toxicity, but now also has a very aggressive Candida infection as well.