DesBio Virus (Prevention, Protection and Speedy Healing)


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Size: DesBio Contra-Virus Capsules


Anti-Viral formula enhances white blood cells to PROTECT you from getting sick.  Speeds recovery time if you are already sick.  Strengthens the immune system, protects your cells from viral damage.  Stops viruses from replicating.  Take 2 each day for prevention and more if you are already sick.

*USE In Conjunction With ViraComp Homeopathic Drops For Even Faster Healing.



Virimmune Drops

Homeopathic frequency of Contra-Virus Capsules (above).  Used together with Contra-Virus for even Faster Healing. Relief of the symptoms of viral infections such as congestion, coughing, fever, fatigue, ongoing muscle or joint pain, lesions, lack of appetite, and GI discomfort.