DesBio Cold, Flu & Immune Support

$ 34.95

Cold, Flu, Virus & Immune Support


Liposomal Zinc supports the replenishment of one of nature’s most crucial minerals in a delicious and highly bioavailable form. Healthy and normal levels of Zinc support adaptive and innate immunity, DNA replication, lung function, and gastrointestinal  health, metabolism, vision, and healthy aging. 16 oz.

Micellular Immune Attune is a blend of traditional immune-supporting herbals and vitamins in a great-tasting highly absorbable micellular delivery system. Micellular Immune Attune is ideal for the whole family to support a healthy immune response. 16 oz.

Liposomal D3 K2 is a balance of vitamins D3 and K2 in a form that is readily absorbed and utilized by the body. This great-tasting, family-friendly formula supports bone, heart, and immune health. 16 oz.

ProDefense is the ultimate immune and daily wellness formula featuring mushroom extracts, immune-boosting phenolics, herbs, probiotics, and prebiotics.

Mucinease supports sinus comfort by promoting normal mucous viscosity and balanced inflammatory responses. It helps support the immune system and aids in the breakdown of mucous in the upper respiratory tract.

Throat Spray is a combination of ingredients shown to soothe the throat, support oral health, promote fresh breath and modulate healthy throat tissue. This product is suitable for an array of respiratory distresses and for occasions where there is dryness or constriction of the throat. May also relieve discomfort related to voice strain overuse.

Upper Respiratory Support is for the relief of symptoms such as cough, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, body aches, brain fog, sinus congestion, and general malaise.

 Immune Support is for the relief of symptoms related to infection, such as cough, fever, headache, fatigue, cold, muscle pain, sore throat, ear, nose, and throat congestion. 

Virimmune SupporRelief of the symptoms of viral infections such as congestion, coughing, fever, fatigue, ongoing muscle or joint pain, lesions, lack of appetite, and GI discomfort. 

Contra-Virus Anti-Viral formula enhances white blood cells to PROTECT you from getting sick.  Speeds recovery time if you are already sick.  Strengthens the immune system, protects your cells from viral damage.  Stops viruses from replicating.  Take 2 each day for prevention and more if you are already sick. 

Vir:Combination is for the relief of symptoms including fever, fatigue, muscle aches and pain, rash, cold sores, headache and confusion.