Desbio Detox Bundle

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DETOX BUNDLE: Systemic Detox, Systemic Drainage and Daily Bind


Systemic Detox: Relieves symptoms related to excretory dysfunction including mucous congestion.

Systemic Drainage: Opens cellular drainage pathways that contribute to headaches, body aches, low energy and fatigue.

Daily Bind: Provides activated charcoal and liver-supporting herbs and nutrients in a liposomal delivery system. Activated charcoal can support the body's regular elimination of toxins. This creamy and delicious blend is an excellent daily wellness formula or can accompany any detoxification or GI health program. Daily Bind Liposomal has molybdenum in it which has been shown to be great for sulfur pathway support. It supports enzymes that increase sulfur metabolism. Molybdenum also supports dental health, kidney waste removal, iron transport, and liver detoxification processes. It helps the body reduce sulfite, which can help address symptoms of sulfite sensitivity.