DesBio Liposomal Collagen Sachets 30 count


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Liposomal Collagen offers great tasting support for skin and joints with hydrolyzed marine collagen. Collagen sourced from wild caught pollock offers a smaller particle size than other forms of collagen and is an excellent source of collagens type 1 and 2. This small particle size along with the liposomal delivery system optimize absorption and bioavailability to support for skin and connective tissues from within.

 Type 1 collagen, gives strength to your skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Type 2 collagen makes up the flexible cartilage that helps support your joints. Type 1 and 2 sourced from wild caught pollock contain more collagen than a collagen 1 and 2 than found in bovine.

**DesBio selected marine-sourced collagen from wild caught fish not only for its clinical efficacy – but also for its lower levels of contaminants and reduced environmental impact. Our collagen meets our high quality standards for metals and other environmental contaminants while also being a sustainable source.

30 count box of sachets, same formula, flavor and serving size as the previous bottle.