DesBio PANDAS [PANS] Bundle 3 Product Kit


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Addressing PANDAS (PANS)

Whether from underlying streptococcus (PANDAS) or another kind of diagnosis (PANS), children can experience symptoms that affect normal neurological activity. Addressing these symptoms can be easier using Desbio's targeted protocol.
  1. DesBio Anxious is for the temporary relief of the symptoms related to stress including mild anxiousness, worry, overwhelm, and mild fear.
  2. DesBio Stre:Plus is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to Streptococcus such as rash, nausea, body aches, rage, anxiety, and impulsivity.
  3. DesBio Liposomal Bio-Quercetin provides an effective dose of vitamin C and bioflavonoids in a natural and pure phosphatidylcholine liposomal delivery system. This highly absorbable combination of nutrients will help to support immune function and antioxidant activity.