DesBio Drainage Cycling Kit For Effective Detoxification


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select: DesBio Drainage Kit (5-Drainage Formulas-Lung Drainage Is An Add On)

What Is Drainage Cycling?

"Drainage Cycling" is a holistic practice that is all about taking a cyclical approach to draining all pathways of detoxification one at a time. Why? Using Desbio's targeted drainage formulas on different days, 2-3 days per formula and rotating them, helps your body respond optimally and ensures that you get the most benefits from each formula. It will also help you evaluate how your body responds to each formula.

The Desbio Drainage Cycling Kit Contains 5-Formulas, Lymph, Systemic, Liver, Kidney and GI Drainage. 

Add Lung Drainage If You Would Like For Added Drainage Benefits.

Using drainage formulas before any detox protocol is important! If the body's drainage pathways are congested, you will not properly move toxins, waste matter and debris killed by detoxification, out of the body.  If drainage is not used prior to detoxification, any dead debris will be recirculated and reabsorbed in the body, leaving you feeling sicker and worse than then you did before you detoxed.  It will be hard to get better.  Draining ALL pathways is the first step on any healing journey.

Drainage and Detox are NOT the same.

Detoxification liberates toxins. 

Drainage picks up, binds to and carries toxins out of the body. 

If you begin a Detox and Drainage pathways are not open and clear, all of the toxins are going to get swept back up into the body, recirculate and congest.

Support Organs, Tissues and Pathways Before, During and After you Detox.  Drainage BEFORE detox will open the drainage pathways to detox and optimize the function of the organs.  Drainage DURING Detox will help move pathogens.  Drainage AFTER detox will complete the elimination and the cleansing of the metabolic waste that was just liberated by the detox.


"The Drainage Drops I am using, 'Lymph, Kidney, and Systemic', are fantastic!" Deb. D.

"I cannot believe how much better I am feeling on the drainage drops." Michelle A.

"I never knew about drainage before detoxing. These drops are amazing!" Susan C. 

" Karen, I just finished the first step to the cleanse I purchased....The draining protocol. I must say...I am impressed. I have a constant reoccurring swollen lymph node near my right ear. Its been an issue for years. I always equated it to allergies. It is gone! I am excited to now begin the cleanse and will be following with the mold detox. Thank you so much for creating this page. I am grateful!"  K. Nova

The Drainage Kit Contains 5 Select Formulas

Systemic Drainage Drops

General overall systemic drainage supports all organs, tissues, cells and systems to open up the pathways for proper drainage. It is an overall drainage that targets the tissues and cells.  Systemic Drainage can be used in conjunction with any of the other Drainage Drops.

Liver Drainage Drops

Concentrates on Liver drainage. Targets toxins, congestion, inflammation, lowers high cholesterol and triglycerides, gastritis, reflux, jaundice, helps improve circulation throughout the body, skin eruptions, waking during the night and headaches.

GI Drainage Drops

For chronic GI Symptoms, imbalanced gut bacteria, reflux, sour stomach, IBS, Constipation and Bad breath.

Kidney Drainage Drops

Relieves water retention, UTI's, Stones, Swelling of reproductive organs.

Lymph Drainage Drops

Drains pathogenic infections, Improves fluids through the lymphatic system, clears pathways and swollen glands.

Lung Drainage

Lung Drainage is for the relief of upper respiratory symptoms such as congestion, cough, mucous in the lungs,  inflammation of bronchial tubes, inflammation of lungs,  difficulty breathing (dyspnea),  mild hypoxemia (low oxygen), convalescence from lung inflammation, rapid heat beat (tachycardia).


"Taking the Desbio drainage drops daily has really helped me with certain symptoms. The lymph drainage has eliminated the tender areas I had and the kidney drops have helped keep my cystitis at bay. I’ve figured out that I’m someone that has to go really slow with the detox kit so I think the lymph drainage drops help me with working on detoxification." Christine B.  

" I have been on the drainage drops for almost a month now. Things are going great. I am feeling so much better!   Looking forward to the detox! " Ginger L.