Congestion Clearing Bundle

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Congestion Clearing Bundle

Kit Includes 3-Homeopathic Formulas

ENT Support Formula

Relieves symptoms related to ear, nose, and throat infections and stuffiness, including sinus/nasal congestion, cough, and mucous congestion in the middle ear and sneezing.  Great for Seasonal Allergies too!

Mullein Complex Formula

 Mullein Complex helps break up excess mucus throughout the body, making coughs more productive and bringing up mucus that may be settling in the chest or throat.  It soothes mucus membranes. 

Lung Drainage

Drains the lungs of congestion and excess mucus.



Smart Silver with Nasal Sprayer:  Strengthens your immunity with Smart Silver. Many people have no idea that they can ingest silver to prevent infections, kill bacteria and boost their immunity during the flu season. DesBio purified silver water is safe to drink, spray or apply topically. Use silver water as a mouthwash to kill bacteria when you brush your teeth. DesBio silver spray uses engineered nano silver to kill bacteria more efficiently than colloidal silver. The silver gel has an impressive 16-year shelf life — and since the nanoparticles leave your body after 24 hours, you won't have to worry about the buildup. Invest in silver immune support today.

Mucinease:  Promotes normal mucous viscosity (it's anti-snot!).  Breaks down mucus in the upper respiratory tract.  Supports sinus comfort by promoting normal mucous viscosity and balanced inflammatory responses. It helps support the immune system and aids in the breakdown of mucous in the upper respiratory tract.