DesBio Liposomal Catalyst (ENERGY Boosting!)


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select: DesBio Liposomal Catalyst 6.0 fl oz

Liposomal Catalyst

Works Wonders For Fatigue, Especially Covid Related Fatigue!


Energy Catalyst provides critical Krebs cycle (the process used by living cells to create energy) intermediates to support optimal energy production, mitochondrial health and recovery pathways in a liposomal delivery system. This Liposomal delivery method uses a  phospholipid sphere shape which makes it the most bio-available form there is.  Great for individuals with chronic illness or autoimmune diseases that cause fatigue.

Ingredients: Contains CoQ10 with other Energy Supportive Nutrients.

Energy Catalyst Drops

Relieves symptoms related to mineral imbalance in the body including fatigue, nervousness and cramping pains.