Gastro Intestinal Drainage Drops

$ 39.95



Gastro-Intestinal Drainage Drops

Provides relief of the symptoms related to the detoxification and cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, such as fatigue, irregularity, and low energy.  Improves overall digestion and corrects constipation!

Testimonial:  "I have experienced constipation for years and have tried everything!  Nothing at all has helped nearly as much as these drops.  I can't believe the difference!  I'm regular again!  George S.


  • Cinnamomum (3X)
  • Gentiana Lut (3X)
  • Syzygium (3X)
  • Arg Nit (6X)
  • Colchicum (6X)
  • Colostrum (6X)
  • Copper Gluconate (6X)
  • Lappa (6X)
  • Lycopodium (6X)
  • Magnesium Gluconate (6X)
  • Manganese Gluconate (6X)
  • Pancreas (6X)
  • Potassium Gluconate (6X)
  • Rumex Crispus (6X)
  • Scrophularia Nodosa (6X)
  • Stomach (6X)
  • Aur Met (8X)
  • Calc Carb (8X)
  • Carbo Veg (8X)
  • Intestine (8X)
  • Malus, Flos (8X)
  • Nitricum Ac (8X)
  • Prunus Cera, Flos (8X)
  • Rock Water (8X)
  • Fagus Syl, Flos (12X)